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How to plan an event: 6 steps essential guide to event planning

A successful event requires regular planning. For each event, some important actions must be taken to achieve a good result. Whether that event is a seminar with thousands of people or a graduation party with hundreds of people. Unique planning should be done for each event suitable for its conditions. Events differ in many factors and no one-size-fits-all plan can be given. But in this article, we try to examine 6 important factors so that you can organize a better event.

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Set objection

From the beginning of the path, you must determine your goal. Choosing the goal is not only about choosing the title of the event. You have to aim in different fields to get a good result. First, determine the purpose of holding the event. Knowing the reason for holding an event is the first step. Also, specify for yourself how you expect the event to be. Determine the quality you want. Sometimes your goal is to hold a large event with a thousand people. If this possibility is not possible for you in reality. So, specify your goals in different parts of the event, including the type of event, the quality of the event, the desired result after the event, and details such as marketing and advertising methods and identifying the target audience.

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Analyze your budget

One of the biggest constraints for any event planner is budget. A million-dollar budget may not be enough for an event. Each event needs a minimum budget according to its characteristics, but more budget is needed to increase the quality of holding. Enter your entire budget in an Excel file before spending. It should be a number of your budget limit and under no circumstances spend more than your budget. Unless your budget has increased.

In this section, you should write down all the parts of the event in the Excel file. From renting the event space to the smallest possible costs. Be sure to allocate a part of the budget for unforeseen expenses. For example, allocate 10% of the budget to it so that you don’t get into trouble. Budget according to the details of the event and assign a percentage to each section to know your spending limit. For example, consider 15-25% of the total budget for event space rental. So that you can have more options to consider.

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What type of event?

You cannot categorize events easily because there are many types of events whose details are different. That’s why you should take different actions according to your event. For example, we want to check several types of events:

Graduation events: these events are held for students and their families, so the age group is clear. Most graduation events do not require a speaker. Most of the entertainment is for students and their families, and most of the time of the event is spent having fun.

• Startup events: These events are held for a group that is limited in terms of costs. For this reason, you can talk to the university funds for financial support to increase your budget. Getting a grant for holding a startup event is much easier than getting a grant for holding a birthday party. So, depending on the type of event, you can talk to sponsors and Fundraising.

• Motivational speaker events: One of the events that have gained a lot of fans in recent years is motivational speaker events. So that you sit on a chair for a few hours and pay attention to the speaker. For example, in these types of events, the speaker’s voice quality is more important than the variety of food. So, it is reasonable for you to spend more money to rent a better sound system to order more variety of food.

• Business events: holding B2B meetings is one of the most common business events. In this type of event, you have to prepare a professional environment for holding meetings, and it is completely different from a startup event.

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Set a perfect date and location

Choosing the date and venue of the event is one of the important parts of planning. Choosing the wrong date can decrease or increase the number of people participating in the event. For example, holding a business event on a Sunday evening would not make sense. Because it is better to be held on working days than on a holiday. Or, for example, holding a startup event in the middle of the week is a better choice than the last day of the week. Also, the time of the event is important. The early hours of the morning are good for a training event, but not for a graduation party.

You should be very sensitive about the event space. All the guests at the beginning of the event will judge you by the atmosphere of the event. Choosing a dark event space without proper air purification can make it disappointing and negatively affect the results of the event. Be sure to check all the factors that an event space should have before making your final choice. Even if another event is held in the event space, participate in it to know its advantages and disadvantages. By choosing the right event space, you have attracted the attention of your audience at the beginning of the event.

Suppliers, speakers, and entertainment

You work with suppliers for each part of the event, such as sound system, catering, gifts, decoration, etc. It is necessary to coordinate with all of them so that they start working correctly. Some work needs to be done sooner than other work. So suppliers must work in a proper system to get a good result.

Also, if you have invited speakers to the event, you should keep an eye on how many minutes each speech lasts. What things do they need during the speech? Also, it is better to check the files that they want to present before the event. so that there is no technical problem.

If you have planned entertainment for the event, you should consider whether it is in the interest of your audience or not. A group game for a graduation event can be attractive, but you should check the facilities to make it possible.

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Promoting and selling tickets

One of the most important measures that you should consider from the beginning is marketing and how to sell tickets. You should start marketing after the location and time of your event is determined. Advertisements on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the use of advertisements. Google can increase your sales. You have to find your target audience and convince them to buy from you by giving them information about the event. Keep these points in mind that if you neglect marketing, all your efforts may be wasted. So take marketing seriously.


Everything you need to know to rent a private office in Nairobi

Most businesses need a dedicated office after passing their initial period and expanding their team. Due to the type of their services, many businesses cannot work in a shared workspace, at home, or in public environments such as restaurants and coffee shops. For this reason, they are looking to rent a private office. We’re going to give you all the information you need to make the best decision.


What are the benefits of renting daily office space?

Some businesses do not need to rent a private office annually or even monthly. For example, manufacturers who produce their products in the factory only have a dedicated space for holding meetings and signing contracts. These types of businesses should rent private offices daily according to their needs. Some advantages of daily office rental:

• The first advantage is the reduction of costs. You do not need to sign a monthly or annual contract, and in the same way, you only pay for one day’s rent.

• By renting an office daily, you will have a more detailed plan, because you know that all the activities you have for a private space must be done on this day. Otherwise, you may delay the work if you rent the office every month.

• You increase your productivity. If you need to concentrate to do some of your work, you can work in a dedicated workspace. In this way, you will do your work by renting a private office for only one day.

• Also, you can use the benefits of dedicated offices such as high-speed internet, free tea and coffee, and facilities such as TV and video projector.

rent private office

What type of businesses suit daily office space?

As we have mentioned the advantages of daily rent of private offices, we should also keep in mind that it is not suitable for every business. In this section, we introduce some jobs that can rent private offices daily.

•  Freelancers who work at home, in public spaces, or in shared workspaces can rent a private office for important business meetings, contracts with clients, and team meetings. such as business consultants or programmers.

• Online service sellers who do all their business activities online and sometimes need to be physically present together, who can rent a private office daily.

• Businesses that do not have a fixed location and operate on a project basis, and sometimes they need a private office to start a project and plan for it, and the rest of the work is done in different project locations. Like architectural designers.

In general, businesses that do not use a lot of private offices should rent the space daily to reduce costs and make useful use of the space.

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What facilities a good private office should have?

When you rent a private office, you must consider important points before signing a contract or paying a fee. A private office is different from a shared space and any other type of workspace. You pay more than other spaces because of the extra services.

• Electricity situation and the cost of bills: Power outages are one of the main challenges for areas that do not have proper infrastructure. So make sure there is a good alternative like solar or generator. Also, about bills, make sure if it is included in the rent or if it has to be paid separately. A good private office has provided proper conditions for its electricity situation and does not calculate the cost of electricity separately with the tenant.

• Internet: High-speed internet, as well as strong support, is the need of every business. Before renting an office, be sure to check its speed and make sure of the quality of the provider company.

• Access to the meeting room: One of the most important advantages is access to the meeting room and conference room. A suitable space for holding your meetings and business appointments is one of the most important facilities that a private office should provide you. Also, note whether your access to meeting spaces will include a separate fee.

• Kitchen: Your private office is your second home. So access to a kitchen is one of the most important services that a private office should provide you. Free access to tea and coffee is one of the advantages of an office.

• Location and convenient access: The location of the private offices is important for easy access for you and your colleagues, and you should pay attention to the neighborhood and neighbors to have ideal conditions. Some neighborhoods are very busy and have heavy traffic during many hours of the day. It is not reasonable to rent an office in these neighborhoods.

• Secretarial services: private office secretaries are a practical advantage that coordinate your meetings. If you receive a letter or a package, they can deliver it and in the moments when you are not in the office, they can represent you.

Type of iHiT private offices to rent in Nairobi

As an innovation center, iHiT has provided various types of workspaces. In this section, we introduce workspaces.

• private offices daily: iHiT has a variety of private offices with a capacity of 2 to 12 people. All offices have similar facilities and the only difference is in size.

• private offices monthly and annual: private offices with all facilities and reasonable prices are available monthly and annually. It is also possible to use all the services available in these offices.

• Meeting room and conference room: In addition to private offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms with the possibility of accepting up to 50 people are available on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.


What are the different types of office spaces?

The variety of office space and workspaces has increased over time and you have many choices according to your needs. In this article, we are going to examine the variety of workspaces and their differences so that you can find the workspace you want with enough information. Consider the point that your business conditions, your habits, your personality, and other things affect choosing a work office.

Everyone should make the best choice according to their factors. because a private office with excellent facilities can be good for businesses, but it may not be a good option for other people.


How does a private office differ from Co-working space and meeting rooms?

Private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms are the most popular workspaces. Public spaces such as restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, etc. are not as attractive to work in as in the past.

There are also differences between private offices, shared workspaces, and meeting rooms, and each business should choose the best option according to its needs. In the meantime, we will first explain the private offices.

private offices: Perhaps for many businesses, private offices are the best option. Because you can act more independently in a dedicated space. You can deploy your team in one so that they are all available. You can design the office space according to your needs and reduce or add equipment.

Also, you can have higher concentration and productivity in your private offices. This is because you can keep the work environment calm and quiet.
Of course, there are different conditions in private offices. Such as the duration of the contract, which is usually long-term and you must be based there for at least 6 months. However, the private offices of some commercial centers allow you to sign a contract within a shorter period.

Coworking space: One of the most popular workspaces that have been welcomed by a large number of people in recent years is coworking space. Shared workspace has advantages and disadvantages, each of which is positive for one business and negative for another.

The usefulness of shared workspace depends on the type of your business. Most of the businesses that work in the shared workspace are startups and small and medium businesses.
Well-coworking space can increase your productivity and efficiency and even help your business grow. Because in a shared space there are many other businesses that you can network with and benefit from business opportunities.

Of course, your independence is less compared to private offices and you work in a predetermined structure.

private office

Meeting rooms: The most different workspace in terms of the rental period is the meeting room. You rent private offices monthly and annually, and the minimum acceptable time for renting shared workspace is daily rent. But in the meeting room, it is possible to rent even one hour.

The meeting room is a private space with facilities such as TV, and video. There is a projector, a whiteboard, and the Internet, which allows you to work with high concentration.
Usually, the most economical workspace is the meeting room if you need a dedicated space.

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In addition to access to the workspace, you will have access to facilities that are not available in other spaces.
In general, if we want to make a comparison between the three spaces of private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms in terms of the main factors, it is as follows:
Cost: coworking space is affordable for monthly workspace. It is a suitable option for holding meetings and accessing the exclusive space of the meeting room. But for long-term access to a dedicated space, a private office is a better option.
Productivity and efficiency: access to private offices where space management is at your disposal is the best space to work to have the highest productivity and efficiency.
Available facilities: The meeting room gives you the most required facilities at an affordable cost. In the shared and dedicated workspace, facilities are not available at any time and you may have to pay a separate fee to access them.
Rental period: In this sense, the meeting room is the best option. You can even rent it for an hour, but it can be rented at least daily for a shared and dedicated workspace.

affordable coworking space

Shared office space VS Private space?

There is no competition between shared and private workspaces. Both spaces can be the best working space, but it is different for every business. Considering factors such as:
• budget
• Number of team members
• Facilities available
• Location of the workspace
• Duration of the contract
Any of the above factors can change the conditions of your choice. For this reason, it is not possible to have one proposal for every business. For a new startup that is at the beginning of the path, the option of a private office can lead to its bankruptcy because it cannot pay the rent.

but for large businesses that require high concentration and numerous meetings, a dedicated office is a good option. So try to make the best decision by analyzing your business conditions.

office space

Daily pass office space

Daily rent of workspace is one of the popular options that are possible both in a shared workspace and private workspace. You have access to the workspace by paying a low fee and there is no need for a long-term contract. For many freelancers and students and startups that provide online services, the best option is to rent a daily workspace.
Of course, the number of days you want to rent should not be more than it is not economical. For example, it is not reasonable to rent 15 days a month daily. It is better to join the shared workspace every month to pay less and also have access to it for a longer period.

Hourly office space

The best choice for renting office space by the hour is the meeting room. It is affordable and you will also have access to more features. The meeting room with the dedicated space it offers you can improve your performance so that you can work with more concentration.
You can also easily extend your usage period and stay more hours in the meeting room and pay the excess after you finish.

affordable event space

Types of affordable event space for different events

Since ancient times, special ceremonies and celebrations have been held to commemorate special events. This event can be a celebration of graduation or career success. Holding special events requires a suitable and affordable event space.

Therefore, they prepared a special room for celebration. But today, you don’t need to prepare the event space to celebrate the important events of your life. We at iHit have done all the work for you.

affordable event space

match your event with an affordable event space

The first thing you need to consider for holding various events is to find an affordable event space that matches well with the event. In other words, the event’s atmosphere should be in a way that can meet the event’s needs well. Every ceremony has its own needs. You should consider renting the event space if you cannot meet the event’s needs.

affordable event space

People active in event space preparation and renting have prepared numerous areas for countless events. For example, if you are considering holding an appreciation ceremony for a professor, we recommend you visit the affordable event spaces we have prepared at iHit.

Sometimes, the desired event may even require special facilities such as projectors. On the other hand, purchasing electrical facilities also costs a lot. Sometimes you may have a small budget and prepare inappropriate facilities for the ceremony. For example, you may settle for a show curtain instead of a real screen! With a simple calculation, you will know that renting the affordable event space will be more economical. In addition to being economical, you will hold a more prestigious event.

affordable event space nairobi

Affordable event space for your business

Today, business events have taken a large part in ceremonies. Because in today’s world, career advancement is the first word. Every person is trying to achieve better progress in their career field. As you know better, career advancement needs to be recognized first. A person trying to grow his business should have wider and more intimate social relations.

This is also possible except by holding various business meetings and events. In such arrangements, you not only get a good opportunity to get to know different people but also have the opportunity to discuss career fields. But what if you need a suitable and affordable event space to hold the ceremony? This is where iHit comes into play. We have prepared fitting rooms and event spaces for holding business events in this collection.

affordable event space

Allowing the event space for business events will benefit you from suitable places and save time. It also makes you focus more on how to conduct your meeting and speech. If the location of the event is prepared yourself, you may focus less on more important issues.

In addition, the environment designed for business events must have a special arrangement because it is important that all participants can have an equal share of the event.

Consider the startup event. In such circumstances, a very important goal is pursued: attracting the attention of investors. Doesn’t such a ceremony need an affordable event space to be held?

affordable event space

Photography and filming space

Choosing a suitable space for photography and filming impacts the quality of photos and videos. In other words, it can be claimed that implementing the idea of ​​photography requires a suitable event space. If you do not have the right area for photography, you cannot execute your vision in the best possible way. The space for photography and filming can be an open space or a 12-meter room.

Depending on your ideas, you can choose the area you want for photography. Photography and filming are often done outdoors for recording and preparing promotional videos. Outdoors, the colors are brighter, and taking advantage of natural light gives an interesting feeling to the film and photos.

On the other hand, some people may prefer closed event spaces like a room for filming and photography. Because in secure environments, it is possible to play with lights and control all environmental factors.

event space

If you are involved in recording and producing educational, advertising, and similar videos, don’t hesitate to get in touch with iHit. Visiting this center in person cannot be without grace.

Variety of affordable event spaces in iHit

Where is an affordable event space near me? The variety of spaces in iHit continues beyond the area of commercial events and photography. This center has various rooms for holding private meetings, training classes, seminars, etc. What kind of event do you dream of holding?

event space

Event planning: a quick how-to guide

Planning a party or other gathering can be a demanding endeavor. The success of your event may hinge on several factors, and any one of them could go wrong but don’t worry. We compiled a list of helpful tips to serve as a quick guide to event space planning and more.

event planning

Planning event space: what your needs are

Choosing the right event space is one of the most critical elements of an event organizer. Here’s what you should consider.

  1. Location: This is an important tip for event space rental or even event space nairobi. You should try to find a location for a local event that is easily accessible by public transportation methods and is not too far from most expected guests’ houses or workplaces. Locating your event close to the airport or attendees’ hotels is a must if you expect many out-of-towners.
  2. Parking: To maximize attendance and convenience, it’s best to hold the event at a location with parking. If that’s not possible, look around for nearby parking lots that guests could use.
  3. Convenience and Accessibility: Look closely at the inside design of the venue and consider the building’s interior and architectural style so that you can bring more ambiance to attendees.  Accessibility is the degree to which people, including those with disabilities, can enter and move around a building and use its services. To successfully meet the demands of your audience, you must first know your target attendees. 
  4. Right Acoustics: Have you ever been to an event where the volume was too high to carry on a conversation? This is typically the result of weak acoustics. Even if the acoustics aren’t the deciding factor in whether or not your event space is successful, they nevertheless deserve some thought and consideration.
event planning2

The types and number of people in attendance

For several reasons, you must be aware of the room’s capacities.  To begin, a room that can only technically hold 150 people is inadequate for a gathering of 300. Furthermore, you should think about and adhere to fire and safety regulations. You must decide your target audience and what they require based on your goals. Your time and resources spent on event preparation will be wasted if you don’t consider your target demographic carefully. 

event space

Special guests or speakers planning

The ideal speaker may make or break your event regarding signups and attendance. Proper planning is also essential here as much as event space planning. Here’s what you should consider for better planning and to work more effectively with special guests or speakers. 

  • Communication Is Vital: Working with a well-prepared and proactive event planner can ease the stress and increase the fun of preparing for a speech. For more precise preparation, have them send a list of what they need regarding room setup, microphones, handouts, etc.
  • A Checklist For Better Planning 
event space

Here is a checklist to help you and your guest speakers have productive communication. 

  • The date of the event
  • The event’s time
  • Topic 
  • Time allocated for the speaker’s talk
  • When the event will take place 
  • The times that people are expected to arrive and leave the event
  • Expected Attendance
  • The requirement for audiovisual equipment
  • Preferred Microphone Type
  • Stage and lectern type preferences
  • Preferred setup for the room
  • There is a need for training materials
  • Handouts
  • Meal planning considerations for those with food sensitivities
  • Preferred hotel 
  • Ground transportation preferences 
  • Information about the speaker or recommended introductory material

Special guests or speakers can give their best presentations if you take the time to follow this checklist and meet their needs.

  • Win Over Your Guest Speaker: The most successful events are those in which the speakers are treated with respect and not merely tolerated as filler for the stage. If you put in extra time and effort to plan ahead, keep in close contact, and handle all the event’s preparations, your speakers will be more than happy to take the stage.
event planning 3

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How long the event will last and what to do in case it runs over?

The answer to this question is completely event space and type-dependent. An evening or nighttime event, such as a birthday for an adult, should last at least four hours. The average wedding reception lasts around four hours. Conferences may go on for several days, but generally, no event on a day should go longer than eight hours. Here’s what you should do to avoid running overtime:

event space
  • Stage Timer: The stage timer should be placed at the downstage edge of the stage, and someone should be in charge of operating it.
  • Stage Manager to Ensure Success: The stage manager’s sole responsibility is to ensure no hiccups or delays in the transitions between presentations or other activities taking place on stage.
  • Don’t Forget About Buffers: It will take longer than five hours to give five presentations, each of which will last an hour. Five to seven minutes should be allotted between each presentation. This is because if you don’t leave yourself an hour of wiggle room in case something goes wrong during the previous presentation, you’ll be forced to cut into the time allotted for the following one.
Meeting room (2)

Take the road to success by renting a meeting room

The most important part of a business owner’s life is holding meetings. But what is the guarantee of holding successful meetings and conferences? Yes, you guessed right! The most important factor that guarantees successful meetings is choosing the best place to hold the meeting. Therefore, we suggest you reconsider the place you have already chosen and get familiar with the concept of a rented meeting room.

Meeting room (2)

Organizing a meeting is finding a meeting room!

The people you have invited to attend the meeting are considered your guests. You are the person who is responsible for the comfort and safety of the people present in the meeting. The comfort of the people attending the meeting also depends on the comfort in which the meeting is held. From this, it can be claimed that organizing a meeting is finding a Conference room.

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Creating comfort and facilities in the meeting room sets a better path for future events. For example, the presence of discomfort in the Conference room may generally lead the opinion of the people in the meeting to negative thoughts. Therefore, it is better to take finding a Conference room seriously.

Since the preparation of tools and furniture for the conference room requires the presence of experts, it is better to think differently about finding a place to hold meetings. One of the methods adopted by many business owners today is to rent an affordable meeting room. Organizations that are active in the field of conference room rental will offer you various choices.

renting a meeting room

Get familiar with the concept of renting a meeting room

You may not understand the concept of a rented meeting room at first. So what is a rented Conference room? Some organizations have large environments. Having large and high-area environments provides the possibility of designing several Conference rooms. Such organizations know how to design different Conference rooms for different businesses. For example, they know the best affordable meeting room to hold Digital Marketing Meetings.

The meeting room should follow the topic of the meeting and the importance of the people present in the meeting. For example, for special meetings, the environment of the Conference room should be formal and equipped with various technologies. But for friendly meetings, offering a small room or a table in the corner of the area will be enough. From this paragraph, it can be concluded that you will have a large window of different choices by deciding to rent an affordable meeting room.

Meeting room (2)

Services provided by iHiT; renting a meeting room

Providing an affordable meeting room for rent is only one of the services provided by the iHiT complex. But let’s also have information about how to provide this service.

  • Reception of participants:

If you wish, you can also use the reception system in the iHiT complex because participants who feel hungry will be easily distracted.

  • Specialized arrangement:

In the iHiT collection, furniture arrangement is made in a specialized and professional manner. Oval, T-shaped, or round tables are used in all Conference rooms.

  • Comfortable and clean furniture:

Providing comfortable and clean furniture is another factor that increases the score of the Conference room. Fortunately, renting a meeting room with beautiful and stylish furniture is possible.

  • Advanced facilities and technologies:

The facilities installed in the meeting rooms in the iHiT complex fully meet your needs.

Collaborate with this group for a meeting room in Nairobi.

Meeting room (2)

renting a meeting room is easy with iHiT!

Renting an affordable meeting room is as easy as drinking cold water. For this, search for the term ” meeting room near me.” After that, you will be redirected to the Conference room rental page on the iHiT blog. The next step is to choose one of the communication methods for renting the Conference room. In this connection, it is also possible to receive advice for choosing the best Conference room. You can find the most suitable Conference room according to your budget. It is also possible to discuss the cost of the Conference room and the cost of using the catering system. We are waiting for you.

Could you share your thoughts with us?

how coworking space help startup

How can a coworking space help me as a startup, entrepreneur or freelancer?

There are over 1,000 start-ups in Kenya(+). I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of the early startups that made it big, which were founded out of a cramped garage or tiny spare room. But thanks to coworking spaces, your startup can do one better and work out of a spot that inspires creativity and productivity.


How coworking space can help grow your startup?

  • It’s cost-effective for a startup

Your startup can’t spend a lot in the beginning because it doesn’t have enough budget. Your startup isn’t going to take off overnight and start earning the big bucks immediately. And while you might want a nice office space at a great location, that definitely will decrease your funds. But with a coworking space, you get access to a place to work from at a convenient location that won’t break the bank.

coworking spaces like shared offices also come with amenities such as scanners and printers among others. A shared workspace can save you money that you have to spend on buying office equipment.

  • coworking spaces are flexible, just like your startup

There are different types of co-working spaces and you can choose the right space according to your type of business. Choose a workspace that suits you and your colleagues’ needs.

You only pay for the hourly use of the shared workspace and you can use the restaurant, cafe, etc. You don’t need to have a centralized team, and you can manage and grow your startup with a shared workspace anywhere in Kenya or Nairobi.

If you need a meeting room to hold meetings, or if you have an important presentation meeting for your startup, everything is ready in advance and you only need to pay the hourly usage fee for meeting rooms or conference rooms.

  • It’s common and logical for a startup

Having an office for your startup at the first stage comes with a lot of maintenance and responsibilities. Taking care of the building, buying chairs and desks, high-speed internet, and getting a cleaning staff organized among others. this is almost impossible for a startup.
In addition to monetary costs, your time is also spent on these tasks and you lose your valuable time.
If a startup faces thousands of challenges and problems and you have to spend your time on these challenges.

So, choose the convenient option and go with a co-working space and just plug and play.

A coworking space is built for a startup. It’s conducive to growing a business and offers you freedom and flexibility. you can book your iHiT coworking space Now.


How can a coworking space help me as a freelancer?

The number of freelancers is increasing day by day. For these people, there are two options for work: work from home, or work in a shared space.

  • The Perfect location for you as a freelancer: Do you want to be within walking distance of home? Or need to stay close to your child’s school? or you can’t concentrate at home because of noises. No problem! You can find a space at a location of your choice to work out. All you have to do is book the space, drop in and work away.
  • just pay hourly not the whole day or month: When you choose to work out of a coworking space you will have access to a dedicated seat and Wi-Fi, whenever you need to work. And you only pay for the hours you use the space.
  • If you need Discipline: As a freelancer, it’s hard to get into a routine since your time is yours. But when you book a seat at a coworking space you know you’ll show up and concentrate on the work at hand. In this way, you get some structure into your day.
  • If you need someone to motivate you or a context of success: in a coworking space, you’ll have people around you, many working away and that sense of community can increase your productivity.
  • Choose based on your budget: Whatever your need or budget you can find a space—you could choose to work out of a fun coworking café for a chilled-out vibe, or a more formal restaurant for a quieter space to work from. There’s even the option of shared offices and meeting spaces in case you need more privacy or have a one-on-one interaction with a client.
rent a meeting room

7 reasons why you should hold meetings in an off-site meeting room

Off-site meeting rooms are better, why? Even if you have a meeting room in your company, it is better to hold your meetings outside the company. Holding meetings in an off-site meeting room inspire the creativity and innovation of employees(+). while also providing a boost to your concentration, which results in more effective meetings. There are also numerous other benefits to holding your meeting in an off-site meeting room. what are the benefits of using outside meeting rooms? read this iHiT article.

off-site meeting room

1. in an off-site meeting room Everything is taken care of for you

holing your meeting in your company meeting room, you have to think and plan every detail by yourself and constantly worry about everything in the meeting room to be perfect during your meeting. 

Opting for a meeting outside your usual place of business is a smart move: everything is arranged for you.

These off-site meeting rooms have experience in organizing many seminars, meetings, events, etc., like your meeting. and will ensure that your meeting is a success. No need to worry about the technical set-up of the meeting, catering, or other facilities. they will arrange every detail for you. 

2. Meetings outside the company add to its seriousness

Meetings outside the company add to its seriousness. When you have chosen a great location for the meeting, the chances of cancellations by the participants are reduced.

Holding a meeting outside the company conveys your seriousness in work and the importance of the participants. So it is better to be very careful in choosing the place of your meeting.

conference room (26)

3. Holding a meeting outside the company increases teamwork spirit and productivity.

In the introduction, we already said that meeting in an outside environment increases the concentration of the participants, but why is that?
Well, this is due to the new decorations that trigger you. You probably think that all these new stimuli just take away your concentration, but The new stimuli sharpen your senses and improve your ability to concentrate.

The new environment that is outside the company and its only purpose are to hold effective meetings, does not have things like disturbing colleagues, company noise, phone ringing, or customer visits, and the only purpose of this meeting environment outside the company is to hold excellent and productive meetings.

4. Get more Creative with holding meeting off-site of your company

Creativity increases in new environments. Holding a meeting outside the company and in a special environment increases creativity. For example, it has been proven that brainstorming in a new, unfamiliar environment leads to new, better, and more creative ideas(+).

5. Time is Money: off-site meeting room could save you money

Yes, it’s true, renting a meeting room outside the company will cost you extra money. But when time is also included in the equation, the meeting will become more important for us.

When meeting at an off-site meeting room, time pressure comes into the equation, which makes the meetings overall more efficient, leading to faster decisions, which in turn saves time and, indeed, money.

6. off-site meeting room: Opportunity for strengthen Team Building

Why not add value to your off-site meeting and start the day with some team-building activities? how?

Taking your team out of the office for a meeting not only encourages creativity it also brings the team members closer together in an informal location. This will help your team bond and form connections that they will take back to the office with them.

7. off-site meetings Allow face-to-face networking

When it’s critical to understand each other, nothing works like meeting in person. When a group shares the same physical space, you can pick up on non-verbal cues that would be missed over the phone or via video chat. this face-to-face interaction is a great opportunity for team Networking

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iHiT Kenya Affordable coworkong space in Kimilani

How Coworking has Revolutionized Workspaces?

What is a coworking space? Coworking space is simply a place where employees of different organizations or freelancers, share office space, infrastructure, or other resources between themselves. In 2017, there were about 2600 co-working spaces worldwide. That number is projected to almost double to more than 49,500 by 2022

coworking space

The concept of co-working as an affordable solution is gaining traction rapidly within the small business and startup community. The demand has been forecasted to increase exponentially shortly as office space becomes more and more expensive in urban areas.

Co-working space has increased with the increase of startups all over the world and there is a great demand for co-working space and it is increasing.

Why does the new generation workforce prefer coworking spaces compared to traditional offices?

The new generation of the workforce has eagerly embraced the co-working space and prefers it to the traditional work office. To understand why coworking has had such a revolutionizing effect on the modern workspace, let us take a look at some of the key solutions that it offers compared to traditional office spaces.

coworking space in nairobi

“The Money”; the first reason is the Budget and cost-saving of Coworking spaces.

Co-working space cuts cost by 25 percent up to 100 seats and are 20 percent cheaper for up to 250 seats. In the conventional office scenario, companies have to lock in additional space for future growth, which adds to the cost unlike the flexible office space we offer(+).

Statistics show that not only startups and SMEs, but also large companies have started using shared workspaces. Economies of scale kick in with co-working spaces as shared facilities like conference rooms and a cafeteria can be used by all clients. So the administration cost for maintaining facilities, which is an add-on expense for companies, is not there. for example, iHiT coworking space in Nairobi creates the space and also manages it. This means reducing costs for companies and startups.

Coworking space creates limitless Networking Opportunities

Coworking space creates limitless Networking Opportunities

Networking is crucial for the success of your business. In a traditional workplace, you face the same people from your organization every day, and you don’t have any new networking opportunities. You are inside the box.

Contrast this with coworking spaces, people from different organizations involved in a hub of different industries work together inside the same office, sharing office space amenities, and wouldn’t you know it – sharing new and creative ideas.  The more networking opportunities, the more opportunities for new creative ideas and wealth creation.

coworking space in nairobi

Office Amenities already set up without any extra maintenance cost

if you are a fan of traditional offices After you purchase or lease out your office building, you have to purchase cubicles, tables, chairs, etc., set up electricity and telephone lines, air-conditioning, wifi, and IT infrastructure, hire an employee to provide tea and a lot many other things that increaser your cost just for your company office. 

But if you choose a coworking space, on the other hand, The provider company(like iHiT coworking space in Nairobi) takes care of all these things for you. 

There are already ready-to-work office spaces set up, fully equipped telephone and internet facilities, printers, ergonomic tables and chairs, business lounge area, conference rooms, etc. you better do the most important things – managing and growing your business.

Location flexibility made easy, relocate without cost

In traditional offices, you had to use a long-term lease, which means that it becomes difficult to change the location of your business.

Coworking space Helps your business become more agile. The location of your business plays an important role in the amount of your income. You should be close to where your customers are or are more accessible than your competitors. It is thus vitally important for your business to strategically switch locations accordingly to take advantage of the changing landscape.

coworking space

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difference between conference room and meeting room

What is the difference between conference room and meeting room? 7 important difference.

Difference between the conference room and the meeting room? We at iHiT Kenya as a provider of affordable meeting rooms asked many repetitive questions. people tend to ask us questions about meeting rooms. One of the most common questions we receive is this: “is there a difference between a conference room and a meeting room?” in this article we will answer this question in detail.


A meeting and a conference are very similar in definition; they are both events where people meet up together to discuss a specific subject. There are no absolute rules about what a meeting is and what a conference is but the main difference between the two will be the number of people attending.

to know the difference between a conference room and a meeting room, first, we should know the definition of “meeting” and “conference”.

What is a Meeting

we want to look at a meeting definition, according to Wikipedia a meeting is: Meeting is when two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics, often in a formal or business setting.

What is a Conference

A Conference is a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.

So a conference is a type of meeting that has differences that we will mention below.

iHiT meeting room

What is difference between conference room and meeting room?

  1. Conferences are also usually more formal while meetings can be informal, so you should consider this before any event you want to attend. When planning either a meeting or conference, to get the most out of your event you should hold it in an external meeting venue.
  2. a meeting room might just be a simple room for a quick meeting. A conference room might be more sophisticated with video conferencing equipment or dedicated presentation facilities.
  3. conferences belong in conference rooms. Meetings you can potentially have anywhere. conference from Latin “confer” (bring together)
  4. A conference (bringing together) implies more effort. Usually, a conference also takes longer than a (relatively quick) meeting.
  5. You can have a meeting in a conference room, as you can meet in any other room say the kitchen. having a conference in a meeting room might not make sense, since the meeting room might be too small and lack the proper equipment. Speaker facilities, video conferencing facilities.
  6. Conference rooms are meant for formal or large meetings. Due to their size and seating possibilities, conference rooms are often used for lectures with one person leading the meeting and speaking to the rest of the group.
  7. conference rooms are focused normally on one subject in a conference, while meetings could be about everything. The best type of conference room meeting is focused on education, training, or presentations.

To get the most out of your event you should hold it in an external meeting venue. Why?

For a meeting, your initial instinct may be to hold it in-house; you may think it is normal to meet at your workplace. But are you wondering why it’s useful to meet somewhere new?

Imagine you organize a meeting with some of your colleagues. You aim to come up with a creative, new direction to approach a project and to think of an innovative direction to move a project forward. These two goals are only achievable if the entire group meeting can be creative.

An Excellent, affordable meeting room can inspire different ways of thinking and allow you to find a solution you may not have considered. Especially at a unique, exciting event venue.

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