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what is iHiT?

Iran House of Innovation and Technology (iHiT) creates a suitable platform for Kenyan innovative idea owners, programmers, knowledge-based companies, startups, and creative industries, to benefit from the technologies acquired from Iranian companies over the years.

It also provides business owners and entrepreneurs with the space and facilities needed for a workplace. The center’s ultimate goal is to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Iran and Kenya.

iHiT meeting Room

iHiT services:

1-private office

Impress your customers with our private office section, which is move-in ready. iHiT has prepared private offices with different capacities based on your needs. Our smallest offices comfortably fit 3 people while the largest fits 8_10 people. You also get branding rights to input your logo on your door, for that personalized touch.


2-Coworking spaces

Haft o Hasht is a modern coworking space that has been designed to the satisfaction of a freelancer, a startup, or a company that needs privacy. Haft o Hasht is equipped with blazing fast fiber internet, elegant boardrooms, a lounge to think through your strategy, and a tech shop to draw your plans. We offer 3 packages:

  • Team Package
  • Individual Package
  • Day Pass

3-Meeting and Conference room

*Meeting room

We have a luxurious, chic, and cozy meeting room that has a capacity of up to 6 people.  Our meeting rooms come with a 55” 4K TV panel that wireless connects to your laptop. If you want to quickly go the classroom style, we have a large whiteboard where you can easily jot down the agenda or explain a point.

iHiT meeting Room

*conference room

If you have a small event of up to 50 people, our conference room is the best fit for you. It comes with modern and corporate chairs and a small elevated stage for your speakers. Our meeting rooms come with a 55” 4k TV panel that wirelessly connects to your laptop.


4-Event spaces

*Glass building

The glass building is an incredible space for your events. It is a place with high flexibility for different layouts and with a view of the green garden. This cozy space is ready to host a variety of seminars, workshops, and events for up to 100 people.



For parties and celebrations such as graduation parties, we offer you a courtyard space. A place in beautiful nature, you will enjoy yourself with your friends.

ihit event space

5-Commercial services

We offer our business services in 5 categories:

  • Technology Transfer (from Iran to Kenya)
  • B2B Meetings (between Iran and Kenya)
  • Business Delegations (between Iran and Kenya)
  • product supply
  • Solve technological needs In the next news update, we will explain more about our mission and facilities.
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