What are the different types of office spaces?

The variety of office space and workspaces has increased over time and you have many choices according to your needs. In this article, we are going to examine the variety of workspaces and their differences so that you can find the workspace you want with enough information. Consider the point that your business conditions, your habits, your personality, and other things affect choosing a work office.

Everyone should make the best choice according to their factors. because a private office with excellent facilities can be good for businesses, but it may not be a good option for other people.


How does a private office differ from Co-working space and meeting rooms?

Private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms are the most popular workspaces. Public spaces such as restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, etc. are not as attractive to work in as in the past.

There are also differences between private offices, shared workspaces, and meeting rooms, and each business should choose the best option according to its needs. In the meantime, we will first explain the private offices.

private offices: Perhaps for many businesses, private offices are the best option. Because you can act more independently in a dedicated space. You can deploy your team in one so that they are all available. You can design the office space according to your needs and reduce or add equipment.

Also, you can have higher concentration and productivity in your private offices. This is because you can keep the work environment calm and quiet.
Of course, there are different conditions in private offices. Such as the duration of the contract, which is usually long-term and you must be based there for at least 6 months. However, the private offices of some commercial centers allow you to sign a contract within a shorter period.

Coworking space: One of the most popular workspaces that have been welcomed by a large number of people in recent years is coworking space. Shared workspace has advantages and disadvantages, each of which is positive for one business and negative for another.

The usefulness of shared workspace depends on the type of your business. Most of the businesses that work in the shared workspace are startups and small and medium businesses.
Well-coworking space can increase your productivity and efficiency and even help your business grow. Because in a shared space there are many other businesses that you can network with and benefit from business opportunities.

Of course, your independence is less compared to private offices and you work in a predetermined structure.

private office

Meeting rooms: The most different workspace in terms of the rental period is the meeting room. You rent private offices monthly and annually, and the minimum acceptable time for renting shared workspace is daily rent. But in the meeting room, it is possible to rent even one hour.

The meeting room is a private space with facilities such as TV, and video. There is a projector, a whiteboard, and the Internet, which allows you to work with high concentration.
Usually, the most economical workspace is the meeting room if you need a dedicated space.

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In addition to access to the workspace, you will have access to facilities that are not available in other spaces.
In general, if we want to make a comparison between the three spaces of private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms in terms of the main factors, it is as follows:
Cost: coworking space is affordable for monthly workspace. It is a suitable option for holding meetings and accessing the exclusive space of the meeting room. But for long-term access to a dedicated space, a private office is a better option.
Productivity and efficiency: access to private offices where space management is at your disposal is the best space to work to have the highest productivity and efficiency.
Available facilities: The meeting room gives you the most required facilities at an affordable cost. In the shared and dedicated workspace, facilities are not available at any time and you may have to pay a separate fee to access them.
Rental period: In this sense, the meeting room is the best option. You can even rent it for an hour, but it can be rented at least daily for a shared and dedicated workspace.

affordable coworking space

Shared office space VS Private space?

There is no competition between shared and private workspaces. Both spaces can be the best working space, but it is different for every business. Considering factors such as:
• budget
• Number of team members
• Facilities available
• Location of the workspace
• Duration of the contract
Any of the above factors can change the conditions of your choice. For this reason, it is not possible to have one proposal for every business. For a new startup that is at the beginning of the path, the option of a private office can lead to its bankruptcy because it cannot pay the rent.

but for large businesses that require high concentration and numerous meetings, a dedicated office is a good option. So try to make the best decision by analyzing your business conditions.

office space

Daily pass office space

Daily rent of workspace is one of the popular options that are possible both in a shared workspace and private workspace. You have access to the workspace by paying a low fee and there is no need for a long-term contract. For many freelancers and students and startups that provide online services, the best option is to rent a daily workspace.
Of course, the number of days you want to rent should not be more than it is not economical. For example, it is not reasonable to rent 15 days a month daily. It is better to join the shared workspace every month to pay less and also have access to it for a longer period.

Hourly office space

The best choice for renting office space by the hour is the meeting room. It is affordable and you will also have access to more features. The meeting room with the dedicated space it offers you can improve your performance so that you can work with more concentration.
You can also easily extend your usage period and stay more hours in the meeting room and pay the excess after you finish.

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How Coworking has Revolutionized Workspaces?

What is a coworking space? Coworking space is simply a place where employees of different organizations or freelancers, share office space, infrastructure, or other resources between themselves. In 2017, there were about 2600 co-working spaces worldwide. That number is projected to almost double to more than 49,500 by 2022

coworking space

The concept of co-working as an affordable solution is gaining traction rapidly within the small business and startup community. The demand has been forecasted to increase exponentially shortly as office space becomes more and more expensive in urban areas.

Co-working space has increased with the increase of startups all over the world and there is a great demand for co-working space and it is increasing.

Why does the new generation workforce prefer coworking spaces compared to traditional offices?

The new generation of the workforce has eagerly embraced the co-working space and prefers it to the traditional work office. To understand why coworking has had such a revolutionizing effect on the modern workspace, let us take a look at some of the key solutions that it offers compared to traditional office spaces.

coworking space in nairobi

“The Money”; the first reason is the Budget and cost-saving of Coworking spaces.

Co-working space cuts cost by 25 percent up to 100 seats and are 20 percent cheaper for up to 250 seats. In the conventional office scenario, companies have to lock in additional space for future growth, which adds to the cost unlike the flexible office space we offer(+).

Statistics show that not only startups and SMEs, but also large companies have started using shared workspaces. Economies of scale kick in with co-working spaces as shared facilities like conference rooms and a cafeteria can be used by all clients. So the administration cost for maintaining facilities, which is an add-on expense for companies, is not there. for example, iHiT coworking space in Nairobi creates the space and also manages it. This means reducing costs for companies and startups.

Coworking space creates limitless Networking Opportunities

Coworking space creates limitless Networking Opportunities

Networking is crucial for the success of your business. In a traditional workplace, you face the same people from your organization every day, and you don’t have any new networking opportunities. You are inside the box.

Contrast this with coworking spaces, people from different organizations involved in a hub of different industries work together inside the same office, sharing office space amenities, and wouldn’t you know it – sharing new and creative ideas.  The more networking opportunities, the more opportunities for new creative ideas and wealth creation.

coworking space in nairobi

Office Amenities already set up without any extra maintenance cost

if you are a fan of traditional offices After you purchase or lease out your office building, you have to purchase cubicles, tables, chairs, etc., set up electricity and telephone lines, air-conditioning, wifi, and IT infrastructure, hire an employee to provide tea and a lot many other things that increaser your cost just for your company office. 

But if you choose a coworking space, on the other hand, The provider company(like iHiT coworking space in Nairobi) takes care of all these things for you. 

There are already ready-to-work office spaces set up, fully equipped telephone and internet facilities, printers, ergonomic tables and chairs, business lounge area, conference rooms, etc. you better do the most important things – managing and growing your business.

Location flexibility made easy, relocate without cost

In traditional offices, you had to use a long-term lease, which means that it becomes difficult to change the location of your business.

Coworking space Helps your business become more agile. The location of your business plays an important role in the amount of your income. You should be close to where your customers are or are more accessible than your competitors. It is thus vitally important for your business to strategically switch locations accordingly to take advantage of the changing landscape.

coworking space

iHiT Always affordable coworking space in Nairobi could be your choice

iHiT Kenya Located in the Kimilani neighborhood, offers you affordable, best market price coworking spaces in Nairobi. Create a revolution in your business right now and contact us.

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How can a co-working space help you achieve work-life balance?

Work-Life Balance! One of the important concerns of today’s lives is creating a balance between work and life. Many people suffer from many problems because they cannot create this balance. For you to have a peaceful life, you need to balance your work activities and your daily life. Imagine that you are very successful in your work, but you don’t enjoy your personal life.

For example, you spend long hours in the office and do not spend time with your family. It has happened to you that the amount of work is too much and you are tired, but you don’t have enough time to rest. Therefore, one of your most important priorities should be to create a balance between your work activities and life so that you can enjoy the situation. . In this blog, we are going to provide you with a solution that will help you to create a balance.

A co-working space, which we talked about before, is one of the most important factors in creating a balance between life and work. You can enjoy this advantage to a great extent by joining a rentable coworking space.

coworking space
work-life balance co-working space

The flexibility you’ll only find in a co-working space will help your work-life balance

As we mentioned in previous blogs, one of the great advantages of working in a shared workspace is flexibility. The flexibility of your workspace is directly related to your productivity. You need to increase your work efficiency to create a balance in your life and work. Increasing your productivity can balance your work so that you don’t spend too much time working. By increasing productivity, you can do more in less time.

You can rent a coworking space and allow yourself and your team to transform your work and achieve good results. The flexibility of a shared workspace is the first step to balancing your work.

Reduce the commuting time of your employees

Have you ever paid attention to the commute of your employees? How many hours are there on the way? Long distance from home to work is one of the boring factors that directly reduces the energy of the employee. When the employee’s energy decreases, his efficiency decreases and the work result is not satisfactory. So you will not see the best version of your employee. Also, the employee goes home from work tired. While he is not satisfied with his performance, he enters the house.

In this case, he cannot enjoy the hours he is at home. What do you think is the solution to this problem? If I were an employee, I would request that you rent a coworking space near me to get better results. Changing the workplace and bringing it closer to where you live, will greatly help to balance the life of the employee, and also you as the business owner will enjoy the results.

coworking space
work-life balance co-working space

In co-working space, everyone pursuit for success

Imagine entering a workspace where all members have a common goal and that is to improve. Everyone uses their best version to achieve success. Everyone knows that to achieve success and self-satisfaction, they must create a balance between their life and work.

Now imagine that you are a member of this workspace. This influence of the environment helps you a lot to achieve success. Humans are influenced by their environment. So be careful in choosing your work environment to increase the probability of your success.

A co-working space can motivate you

Personally, one of the reasons I like coworking spaces is that they are motivating. Motivation is like a driving force. You need the motivation to start an activity. One of the ways to increase productivity is to find a motivator for yourself to see it constantly.

In a co-working space, there is a highly dynamic, which is the biggest motivation. You will not get tired in this space because dozens of other people are working beside you and are motivated to reach their goals. You need the motivation to balance your life and work so that you don’t get tired on the way and keep working hard.

work-life balance co-working space
work-life balance co-working space

work-life balance: Organized work-life is easier in the co-working space

Our goal is to achieve an organized work-life. Creating a suitable work routine with the desired result in the co-working space helps us to achieve our goal. You can achieve a regular system at home, private office, library, or any other workspace, but being in a shared workspace makes this path easier.

Be sure that by creating an organized work life, you will get better results and your satisfaction with life will increase it will be a turning point in your life and will result in your work-life balance.

business coworking space Nairobi

Reasons why every business should consider business coworking space

17 years have passed since the establishment of the first business coworking space in the world, and businesses have changed a lot during this time. Perhaps in the last 17 years, there have been few businesses that are familiar with and use the coworking space.

But in recent years, the connection between businesses and the shared workspace has increased. Many companies have abandoned their own offices due to their circumstances and are working in shared workspaces. Many startups start in business coworking spaces.

Many freelancers have moved from working at home to working in a shared workspace. For this reason, businesses need to consider a coworking space.

In this blog, we are going to look at different factors and explain the importance of a shared workspace for businesses.

coworking space, cowork nairobi

Teamwork is better in business coworking space

Teamwork is one of the most important factors in business success. Businesses whose members do not interact well with each other and whose teamwork is low productivity are definitely in trouble. Now, teamwork in a shared workspace is much easier than in other environments.

Imagine your employees working in their homes and being away from each other. If these people work together in a shared space, the result of their teamwork will be better. One of the characteristics of a business coworking space is that the possibility of teamwork increases with good results. The dynamics of a shared workspace are one of the reasons for teamwork. Your business has better teamwork in a coworking space than in other workspaces.

Coworking membership lets you choose any locations

One of the challenges for employees is the distance from home to the workspace. Long distances from home to work delay many employees. Joining a business coworking space allows your team to choose a location close to home and save time. Businesses can deploy their team in shared workspaces, enabling them to have a flexible workspace.

You can also hold your meetings in different places and change your workspace and meeting room every week or every month if you wish. Also, some business coworking spaces have many branches throughout the city, allowing you to access all shared workspaces by joining the company.

coworking space, cowork nairobi

Coworking spaces help your team boost their productivity

The dynamics of the business coworking space are one of the reasons for increasing productivity among team members. To increase your efficiency, you must pay attention to several factors. The first factor is the focus.

A shared workspace allows you to focus more on work. This is because the workspace is calm and the other members of this space are also looking to focus and increase their productivity. The second important factor is the flexibility of the environment. In the next section, we explain this factor.

Flexibility: coworking spaces can be scaled to your business needs

Coworking space has a high degree of flexibility so you can customize it to suit your business needs. Businesses are very different. For example, working hours, workspace layout model, required tools, etc. Every business is different.

A coworking space allows you to customize this space to suit your needs. Before choosing a coworking space, be sure to consider the flexibility of the environment. High flexibility Shared workspace is a huge advantage over another workspace that will help your business.

coworking space, cowork nairobi

Networking: coworking space provides great opportunities

Networking is a need of every business. Great and good opportunities are extracted from networking. Coworking spaces allow for extensive networking. By joining a coworking space, you can introduce your business to others and find new customers.

Investors looking for good ideas also come to the coworking space to talk to startups to hunt down good ideas. So do not underestimate the power of networking and try to expand your communication network. A shared workspace helps your business make the most of networking opportunities.

Services: coworking space comes as a complete packages

You do not only have access to the space by registering to the shared workspace. Instead, you will receive the required services in a complete package. You need the following services at your workplace:

  • Meeting room and conference room
  • kitchen
  • Rest environment
  • Printing service
  • Coffee shop and restaurant
  • Internet
  • Parking
  • Reception

Coworking space makes it easy for you by providing all the services in one package. By registering to the shared workspace, you can easily hold your meetings and access the equipped conference room.

You also have access to the kitchen area and you do not need to buy home appliances for your office. Internet is also one of the advantages of shared workspace packages that you do not need to buy the bundle. By joining a shared workspace, you will receive all the basic services your business needs.

coworking space, cowork nairobi

Efficiency: face to face teams can work more efficiently

Working in a coworking space is more effective than working in another workspace. Businesses that work in a coworking space understand the greater impact on their team. Due to the dynamics of the shared workspace, businesses grow faster in this space. When you work in a workspace where different teams work, you see the impact on your business. Competition in the coworking space makes people grow.

Cost: save your small money with affordable coworking space

One of the most important factors to consider is cost. Shared workspaces reduce your costs, and you can access many services for a reasonable fee. You are exempt from paying bills by joining the business coworking space. Paying water, electricity, and internet bills will cost you a lot of money.

You also need a meeting room and a conference room for your meetings. You do not need to pay to rent them in shared workspaces, which is a great advantage.

Another important service you receive is reception. Hiring someone for small jobs is not cheap. Doing so yourself is also a waste of time. Most coworking spaces have a reception that does small things like pick up your package by courier or print or scans your files.

As a result, you can save money by joining a co-working space, and you can use the money you have saved to grow your business.

coworking space affordable Nairobi

why small businesses should use shared offices?

You have an idea and you believe in it. So you put your idea into action, started developing relationships with clients, and you might even be hiring contractors to meet rising workloads. That’s good news, right? Sure, but working from home is starting to become less and less feasible.

Family, children, spouse, and household chores are increasingly distracting you. Keeping your small startup at home gets harder and harder. that’s exactly where the affordable shared workspace comes into play. Why a shared workspace is the best choice for small businesses?

event space

Small Businesses need more productivity to strive in the first stage.

Optimal use of resources is vital for small businesses. High productivity requires a good work environment. In many ways, affordable coworking spaces were designed with small businesses in mind. In the early stages of a business, affordable and flexible amenities are critical to productivity. Resources are lean when it comes to small businesses.

What are the benefits of a coworking space for small businesses and freelancers?

Your small business could potentially benefit from a coworking space. Not only can it help boost your employees’ creativity, but it can amplify business opportunities. because Work atmosphere is one of the most important factors for work efficiency.

If you are interested in coworking space for your small business, read these factors about how shared space could boost your business growth.

In a shared work space, You’re Surrounded by Networking Opportunities

whether working as a freelancer or leading your team in your startup, a coworking space is like a pool of opportunities for you. Imagine how easy it would be to negotiate services you need, recruit new employees as your business grows, learn from other businesses for free, and discover new clients if all of those parties were sitting nearby, that’s an affordable coworking space advantage.

You have a vast range of specialists at your fingertips. There may be a writer beside you that may help write best practice content for your website SEO. There’s a web designer next to him who can help you debug your website. There’s even a Digital marketing specialist who can help your online growth. All you have to do is start a conversation.

You have a fully staffed office without heavy payroll for it

In a shared workspace, you do not need to have a technical team to check the technical condition of the equipment. In a shared workspace, you do not need to have a technical team to check the technical condition of the equipment. Also, the use of expensive equipment, which is normally a big cost for a small business, is available in a shared workspace and, most importantly, is affordable.

In a rented coworking space you do not need to worry about equipment maintenance, a complete team will do it for your startup. You better focus on growing your business.

event space

affordable shred space can Increase your productivity

Small business owners—especially those who operate from home or public areas—see increased productivity after moving to shared spaces[+]. Shared workspace increases work productivity, this is because distractions are greatly reduced and all those around you and people who work in a cost-effective shared workspace seek to focus and do their work.

According to the Harvard Business Review research, people who work in a coworking space feel more in control of their jobs and business and find their work more relevant, they also experience a sense of belonging to a greater community like them. all of these factors will boost one person or team productivity.

working in a coworking space could improve your work-life balance

One of the most important things for a person is work-life balance. There are probably many benefits to working from home, but it can be very difficult to separate work and personal life.

In a collaborative work environment, because of the professional work environment, you know you are here to work and you are postponing other things.
In addition, the shared workspace has rooms for renovation and refreshments that increase the quality of personal and work life.

affordable coworking space for small businesses is a need

Have you ever stopped to consider just how expensive it is to furnish an entire office space? How about the cost of getting all of the necessary technology installed and operational?

In a shared workspace you don’t need to think about this thing and their cost. you can rent a coworking space by the hour, day, or month and just pay for that, not whole equipment maintenance costs.

coworking space

iHit affordable coworking spaces fit small business’s needs in Kenya, Nairobi

At iHiT, we offer cost-effective shared workspaceat the best price. You will find the best technology for shared work space in Nairobi, Kimilani neighborhood in that. Our services are hourly, daily, and monthly at affordable prices. You can contact us right now through communication channels.

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How to grow our business in a coworking space?

Working in a coworking space has many benefits, and each of them can lead to business growth. A coworking space is a different workspace where you can take advantage of opportunities and grow your business. If you work in a coworking space as your workspace, this article will help you make progress in your work.

coworking space

The most important business growth factors in the coworking space

If you are a freelancer, an employee or you run a business, you need to know the factors to grow your current position and progress in your business. A coworking space has several features to use to achieve positive results. In this article, we look at the most important factors that contribute to your business in a coworking space.

  1. Marketing

There are many startups, freelancers, and researchers working in the collaborative workspace. Each of them needs advertising to grow their businesses. This is the first opportunity to learn how other businesses advertise and get ideas from them. The second opportunity is to find out which other businesses you can work with. For example, a web designer needs the help of an SEO expert. Get to know the businesses that work in the collaborative space and find your supplements. The output of this action will reduce your marketing costs and at the same time, more people will know you.

  • Networking

The best networking opportunity is in a shared workspace. You can connect with a variety of businesses and create a contact list for yourself. You may not be able to work with other startups, but knowing other businesses will give you good ideas. You get to know people with different mindsets and they can be your customer or your advertiser.

coworking space
  • Find an investor

One of the concerns of startups, in the beginning, is to find an investor. Many people need an investor to grow their business. One of the best ways to find an investor is through coworking space. Investors know that there are many good ideas in the collaborative workspace and that good teams need investment. So one of the most important factors in the growth of your business is attracting investors. Be ready to explain your ideas to investors at any time.

  • Participate in events

In coworking spaces, many events are held in different fields. Try to participate in these events and meet new people. In these events, experienced people share their knowledge and this helps a lot in the growth of your business.

  •  Interaction in social networks

Social media followers can be your potential customers. Coworking spaces on social media have followers who can interact with your business. So try to build a good relationship with social media managers so you can use their media to grow your business.

Networking in iHiT Coworking space

iHiT strives to help members of our coworking space grow their business. iHiT has made it easy to find an investor by building a bridge between Iranian and Kenyan startups. All you have to do is join our coworking space to join iHiT’s large communication network to gain many opportunities.

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What is Coworking & Why’s it Becoming So Popular

What is Coworking & Why’s it Becoming So Popular? Productivity is a challenge for both new entrepreneurs and new businesses. With daily increasing numbers of entrepreneurs and especially tech-based businesses, the need for space that provides collaboration and amenities has increased. in addition to it, finding ways to creatively network and carry out work activities productively is becoming more challenging.

the good news is that coworking spaces are revolutionizing the way we work, by making it possible to affordably rent a workspace that lets you focus, unwind, and connect with other people.

here we’ll tell you the reasons that coworking spaces have earned such massive popularity.

affordable coworking space

What is a Co-Working Space?

according to Wikipedia “a Coworking space is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing affordable workspace and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities.”

Coworking space is different from the work office of companies because people who work in a shared space do not necessarily work for one company. Also, a major differentiator is a flexibility that provides this shared office since you don’t need to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space or pay the cost of equipment.

Benefit of coworking spaces

  • Networking
  • Focus
  • Access to amenities
  • Cost-effective space
  • Boosting productivity
  • Flexible work hours
  • Socializing
  • Boost creativity
  • Collaboration opportunities and Synergize
affordable coworking space

In shared offices, you gain insights from other fields

Working beside many people from many different professionals make a context that gives you new ideas and insights. for instance, you may work with a fashion designer, programmer, graphist, or web designer under a roof that may never happen in traditional company offices. this will create an atmosphere for creativity in your job too and unknowingly make your work more successful.

Cost effective method of work in new world

In our new world, we have to be more effective and productive than before. it is a big challenge for both personal works and companies. Startups and new businesses don’t have enough money to rent traditional office space on their own. so the best solution was the invention of scalable offices that have the lowest cost, the Coworking space. with the shared office, even Novice freelancers can have their own office. The affordable office has solved the important problem that startups faced.

In a coworking space you work in live atmosphere

Working in a shared space such as a home is more productive than working in an isolated space like home. Having thriving, energetic individuals in a space inevitably puts you in the groove and makes you more energetic. A shared workspace provides you with the combination of energy and focuses needed to get things done, something you would not find in a café or at home.

coworking space

More professional, More Network, More opportunities

in a coworking space, you meet a lot of people from a large variety of professionals, so if you want to outsource a part of your business it is easily accessible to you. Also If you are a freelancer the best place for getting access to profitable projects, is coworking spaces.

Access expensive equipment without buying them

while you have a startup or small company, you may not be able to afford the amenities required to make your work environment a professional one, with co-working spaces, you can seamlessly join resources so that everyone can enjoy a variety of services, including restaurant, Wi-Fi, coffee machines, printing machines as well as other affordable equipment.

Given all of these factors, it is no surprise why shared working spaces are being accepted wholeheartedly and with open arms in our new work world.

iHiT, provide the most affordable shared office in Nairobi

Above all, coworking is a flexible concept since you gain the opportunity to choose when you want to work and the duration of your time here. You also get to choose between working solo or in a team. iHiT offers the most affordable shared space in Nairobi, you can call us right now and book your shared space.


Working at home or working in a coworking space? Which is better?

In the last two years, the coronavirus has left almost everyone at home, with everything being done from home online and even weekly meetings being held virtually. One of the most important changes in business in the last two years is being able to stay home and work. At first, most employers were upset about this and thought that people’s productivity at home would go down. But after a few months, the culture of working online became known to businesses. In a way, many business owners in this period started their business virtually from the beginning.

coworking space rent

But after two years, as the coronavirus draws to a close, many businesses will have to decide how to proceed. In this blog, we are going to compare working conditions at home with working conditions in a coworking space and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

working at home or not?


One of the most important reasons for low efficiency is a lack of concentration. Therefore, one of the main factors in choosing a workspace is the possibility of high concentration. If you work at home and feel that your focus on the shared workspace is decreasing or increasing, I have to tell you that it’s up to you. Everyone needs concentration, they have to experience different spaces to get it.

For example, a writer needs a lot of focus to write. But many writers do not have this focus at home. That’s why they rent a private office or join a coworking space.

But let’s compare focus at home and coworking space. In a collaborative work environment, you work with other people. Everyone wants to be highly focused. So everyone strives to achieve high concentration. As a result, the focus on the shared workspace is likely to be higher than at home.

coworking space rent


In the age we live in, connections are as essential to us as water. You can’t sit at home and think about attracting new customers. Or great opportunities do not ring your doorbell to give you good job offers. Being in a coworking space has a great advantage in that you have the opportunity to get to know other businesses. You can also think about opportunities with them and share your ideas.

Investors are present in the best collaborative coworking spaces looking for good ideas. Do not look for them at home to find them.

read more about our coworking space at what is a coworking space?

3- Rest

Resting at home is easier than in a coworking space. But resting at home also has its drawbacks. For example, you are supposed to take a 20-minute nap. I can’t rest at home for a short and useful time, because too much comfort makes me sleep may be more than an hour, and that means time is lost. But in a shared work environment, you should look for centers that have a place for members to rest so they can relax.

Also, in a dynamic and active environment such as a coworking space where everyone is working, you do not rest too much and the active environment invites you to work.

4- Cost

At first, you think the cost of working from home is low. For coworking space, you have to pay the transportation and registration fees. But you can reduce your costs by choosing a coworking space at an affordable price and close to your home. So the costs can be checked by Google Find cheap coworking spaces in Nairobi.

coworking space rent

Note also that some factors can’t be priced. Finding an investor in a co-working space is much easier than finding one at home. So consider the cost of registering a coworking space as an investment. Because there are so many new clients in the shared workspace.

These 4 factors are very important for choosing a workspace. Everyone must first know themselves and work in both environments. After a while, evaluate the above 4 factors and choose your work environment by comparing the results.

iHiT help you boost your productivity

At iHiT coworking space, we provide a flexible space with affordable prices for startups and freelancers to work efficiently. Also, by joining the iHiT coworking space, you will join our communication network to meet many investors and companies and have the opportunity to advertise your business for free. We are located on Dennis Pritt Road, Next to Maalim Juma Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya. For more information contact us.