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Take the road to success by renting a meeting room

The most important part of a business owner’s life is holding meetings. But what is the guarantee of holding successful meetings and conferences? Yes, you guessed right! The most important factor that guarantees successful meetings is choosing the best place to hold the meeting. Therefore, we suggest you reconsider the place you have already chosen and get familiar with the concept of a rented meeting room.

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Organizing a meeting is finding a meeting room!

The people you have invited to attend the meeting are considered your guests. You are the person who is responsible for the comfort and safety of the people present in the meeting. The comfort of the people attending the meeting also depends on the comfort in which the meeting is held. From this, it can be claimed that organizing a meeting is finding a Conference room.

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Creating comfort and facilities in the meeting room sets a better path for future events. For example, the presence of discomfort in the Conference room may generally lead the opinion of the people in the meeting to negative thoughts. Therefore, it is better to take finding a Conference room seriously.

Since the preparation of tools and furniture for the conference room requires the presence of experts, it is better to think differently about finding a place to hold meetings. One of the methods adopted by many business owners today is to rent an affordable meeting room. Organizations that are active in the field of conference room rental will offer you various choices.

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Get familiar with the concept of renting a meeting room

You may not understand the concept of a rented meeting room at first. So what is a rented Conference room? Some organizations have large environments. Having large and high-area environments provides the possibility of designing several Conference rooms. Such organizations know how to design different Conference rooms for different businesses. For example, they know the best affordable meeting room to hold Digital Marketing Meetings.

The meeting room should follow the topic of the meeting and the importance of the people present in the meeting. For example, for special meetings, the environment of the Conference room should be formal and equipped with various technologies. But for friendly meetings, offering a small room or a table in the corner of the area will be enough. From this paragraph, it can be concluded that you will have a large window of different choices by deciding to rent an affordable meeting room.

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Services provided by iHiT; renting a meeting room

Providing an affordable meeting room for rent is only one of the services provided by the iHiT complex. But let’s also have information about how to provide this service.

  • Reception of participants:

If you wish, you can also use the reception system in the iHiT complex because participants who feel hungry will be easily distracted.

  • Specialized arrangement:

In the iHiT collection, furniture arrangement is made in a specialized and professional manner. Oval, T-shaped, or round tables are used in all Conference rooms.

  • Comfortable and clean furniture:

Providing comfortable and clean furniture is another factor that increases the score of the Conference room. Fortunately, renting a meeting room with beautiful and stylish furniture is possible.

  • Advanced facilities and technologies:

The facilities installed in the meeting rooms in the iHiT complex fully meet your needs.

Collaborate with this group for a meeting room in Nairobi.

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renting a meeting room is easy with iHiT!

Renting an affordable meeting room is as easy as drinking cold water. For this, search for the term ” meeting room near me.” After that, you will be redirected to the Conference room rental page on the iHiT blog. The next step is to choose one of the communication methods for renting the Conference room. In this connection, it is also possible to receive advice for choosing the best Conference room. You can find the most suitable Conference room according to your budget. It is also possible to discuss the cost of the Conference room and the cost of using the catering system. We are waiting for you.

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7 reasons why you should hold meetings in an off-site meeting room

Off-site meeting rooms are better, why? Even if you have a meeting room in your company, it is better to hold your meetings outside the company. Holding meetings in an off-site meeting room inspire the creativity and innovation of employees(+). while also providing a boost to your concentration, which results in more effective meetings. There are also numerous other benefits to holding your meeting in an off-site meeting room. what are the benefits of using outside meeting rooms? read this iHiT article.

off-site meeting room

1. in an off-site meeting room Everything is taken care of for you

holing your meeting in your company meeting room, you have to think and plan every detail by yourself and constantly worry about everything in the meeting room to be perfect during your meeting. 

Opting for a meeting outside your usual place of business is a smart move: everything is arranged for you.

These off-site meeting rooms have experience in organizing many seminars, meetings, events, etc., like your meeting. and will ensure that your meeting is a success. No need to worry about the technical set-up of the meeting, catering, or other facilities. they will arrange every detail for you. 

2. Meetings outside the company add to its seriousness

Meetings outside the company add to its seriousness. When you have chosen a great location for the meeting, the chances of cancellations by the participants are reduced.

Holding a meeting outside the company conveys your seriousness in work and the importance of the participants. So it is better to be very careful in choosing the place of your meeting.

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3. Holding a meeting outside the company increases teamwork spirit and productivity.

In the introduction, we already said that meeting in an outside environment increases the concentration of the participants, but why is that?
Well, this is due to the new decorations that trigger you. You probably think that all these new stimuli just take away your concentration, but The new stimuli sharpen your senses and improve your ability to concentrate.

The new environment that is outside the company and its only purpose are to hold effective meetings, does not have things like disturbing colleagues, company noise, phone ringing, or customer visits, and the only purpose of this meeting environment outside the company is to hold excellent and productive meetings.

4. Get more Creative with holding meeting off-site of your company

Creativity increases in new environments. Holding a meeting outside the company and in a special environment increases creativity. For example, it has been proven that brainstorming in a new, unfamiliar environment leads to new, better, and more creative ideas(+).

5. Time is Money: off-site meeting room could save you money

Yes, it’s true, renting a meeting room outside the company will cost you extra money. But when time is also included in the equation, the meeting will become more important for us.

When meeting at an off-site meeting room, time pressure comes into the equation, which makes the meetings overall more efficient, leading to faster decisions, which in turn saves time and, indeed, money.

6. off-site meeting room: Opportunity for strengthen Team Building

Why not add value to your off-site meeting and start the day with some team-building activities? how?

Taking your team out of the office for a meeting not only encourages creativity it also brings the team members closer together in an informal location. This will help your team bond and form connections that they will take back to the office with them.

7. off-site meetings Allow face-to-face networking

When it’s critical to understand each other, nothing works like meeting in person. When a group shares the same physical space, you can pick up on non-verbal cues that would be missed over the phone or via video chat. this face-to-face interaction is a great opportunity for team Networking

iHiT a good choose of off-site meeting room

Want a off-site meeting room in Nairobi? choose should iHiT affordable meeting rooms

iHiT meeting rooms are high-tech meeting rooms, with the best price for an excellent meeting and conference room in this quality. contact us Now.

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7 important reasons to rent a meeting room in Nairobi

Renting a meeting room is the first challenge for your meetings. You are probably looking for a suitable place for your meetings. In your business, you have meetings with customers, employees, team members, and partners that are of great importance. As the meeting host, you want everything to go well. One of the most basic factors in holding a good meeting is the meeting room.

renting a meeting room
rent a meeting room

It is possible to hold a meeting in your office, restaurant, coffee shop, and hotel lobby, but it will not be the result you want. Our proposal for the meeting space is a meeting room equipped with good facilities and at a reasonable cost. In this blog, we are going to explain 7 reasons for renting a meeting room that will help you hold a meeting of high quality.

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Rent a meeting room or conference room is affordable

Renting a conference and meeting room for your meetings provides you with facilities that are affordable according to their price. Finding a meeting room at the right price will help you cut costs. It will also help you in terms of time. Because you don’t need to spend your time preparing the meeting room before the meeting. A fully equipped meeting room is ready to hold the meeting and you don’t need to worry about anything.

You probably need tools such as a video projector or whiteboard for your meeting. Buying this equipment is not economical and will force you to pay a lot of money. But by renting a conference room, you will have access to all the equipment you want.

Meeting room rental is flexible

If you rent a meeting room allows you to customize it according to your needs. One of the most important factors in choosing a meeting room is its flexibility. Many people do not consider this point and face challenges. For example, we may want to change the arrangement of the table and chairs. The high flexibility of the meeting room reduces your worries and you can proceed with the meeting well.

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rent a meeting room

A meeting room is equipped with everything you need

Whiteboard, video projector, TV, printing and scanning services, internet, catering services, paper, and pens are all the facilities that you will have access to by renting meeting rooms and conference rooms. It will be expensive for you to get this equipment and it is not economical. But by renting a meeting room at a reasonable price, you will reduce your expenses.

All these facilities are provided for customer satisfaction. A well-equipped meeting room will help you focus on more important issues such as the content of the meeting and give you peace of mind about the meeting room. The money you spend on renting a conference room gives you more focus so that you don’t get caught up in minor issues.

Guests will be warmly welcomed

The initial contact between you and your guests is very important and has an impact on their minds. The guests see the meeting room before starting the meeting and hear its content, and if we do not provide a warm environment for them, it will hurt the meeting. A clean and tidy space affects the customer’s opinion.

A low-quality meeting room can make the meeting not go well for you either. Before choosing a meeting room, imagine that you have entered it as a guest. Has the host prepared a good environment for you? Now you can make better decisions to be a good host for your guests.

Focus more easily in the meeting room

In the blogs we have published so far, we have repeatedly mentioned the importance of concentration. Lack of focus hurts the meeting. The meeting environment should allow all participants to focus. You as the host and your guests must be focused enough to make the meeting go well.

Lack of focus prolongs the meeting because an unfocused mind cannot make decisions. The meeting room and conference room are a quiet and peaceful environment that helps you focus.

Meeting in a professional space helps your image

How would you like to be in the minds of your customers? Professional or amateur? When you invite a guest to a meeting and prepare a professional meeting room for him, you have improved your position in the mind of your guest. Especially if you don’t know each other before and this is your first meeting, it will have a great impact on him.

Choosing a meeting room may not seem so important, but an inappropriate space for the meeting can ruin your image in the mind of your guests, and you will not get a favorable result.

Meeting room rentals are available everywhere

Don’t worry about hiring a meeting room. You can find meeting rooms with sufficient facilities and affordable prices by checking innovation centers, hotels, conference centers, co-working spaces, and business centers.

Meeting room rental space Nairobi

Also, if you are a resident of the city of Nairobi and looking for a meeting room rental in Nairobi, you can call iHiT and make a reservation. iHiT is an innovation center in the Kilimani region that provides affordable meeting rooms and conference rooms. Contact us to rent a conference room in Kilimani.

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What is a meeting room? how to rent an affordable meeting room?

These days, holding business meetings with colleagues, potential customers and managers have become one of the business components. One of the important factors to consider in this is to rent an affordable meeting room.

renting an affordable meeting room can have a huge impact on the results of the meeting. Some companies have meeting rooms at their workplace, but some companies do not have meeting rooms and have to go outside to work.

In this blog, we are going to explain the benefits of a meeting room and also examine the process of renting an affordable meeting room. So if you have a lot of meetings, this blog can help you.

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iHiT affordable meeting room

What is a meeting room?

According to Wikipedia, a meeting room is a space that enables you to hold meetings or events. An affordable meeting room should have efficient equipment such as a TV or a projector, a whiteboard, and good internet.

You can have your meetings in a private office, coffee shop, restaurant, and Coworking space, but the best option to increase the efficiency of the meeting is a meeting room.

The meeting room is specially designed to hold meetings, it should be noted that not every room with a table, chairs and TV or projector is a meeting room. In the next section, we will look at other important factors in a meeting room.

What should be in an affordable meeting room?

A good meeting room should include the following factors:

1- Air conditioning

Be sure to check the air conditioning in the meeting room. The lack of fresh air in the meeting room makes you sleepy.

2. Adequate light

Having a window and natural light is a very important factor. Dark rooms with low light make the meeting less productive.

3. Electricity

Some meeting rooms do not have electricity to charge laptops and cell phones. Make sure there is an extension in the meeting room.

4. Calm environment

You need to be silent to hold a meeting. A noisy and crowded environment only distracts you and reduces the efficiency of your meeting.


What are the benefits of a meeting room?

There are many benefits to having a meeting in a good meeting room. In this section, we will look at the benefits of a meeting room.

1. Private space

A sense of privacy should be present in the meeting room. You can not have a good meeting in a communal and busy space. So the private space of the meeting room will help you a lot.

2. Focus

A dedicated meeting space enhances your focus. You can speak more calmly and listen to others with concentration. Focusing is a big advantage that affects your work.

3. Impress the customer

In the initial encounter with your customers, impress them with the meeting room atmosphere. The professional atmosphere of the meeting room at first glance shows the importance of the meeting to your client.

4- Meeting room facilities

You need a high-quality screen when explaining a file. Equipment that helps you work better is a great advantage.

5. Services

When you rent an affordable meeting room, you have access to services that help you hold a meeting.


The first service required for a meeting room is high-speed internet access. Professional meeting rooms have high-speed Internet access and, in the event of an Internet outage, an alternative.


You can’t waste time looking for a place to park before your meeting. The availability of parking increases your comfort and this is an important advantage.

3. Scanning and printing

You need services such as printing and scanning your files. You can get these services without wasting time and at a lower cost.

4. Coffee shop and restaurant

You can order from coffee shops and restaurants to entertain your guests. You do not need to wait for the courier to order coffee or prepare food. Your order will reach you fresh and quality in the shortest time.

5. Productivity

Just as working in a shared workspace increases your productivity, meeting in a meeting room also increases the productivity of your meetings. Ultimately, the services you receive increase the productivity of your meetings.

The meeting room comes equipped with everything you need

As we explained, the meeting room is provided with all the facilities you need and helps you reduce costs. When you hire a meeting room, you feel comfortable that your meeting is going well. Of course, before renting an affordable meeting room, check all the factors we have described to meet the conditions, like meeting room Location.

What does iHiT affordable meeting room offer to you?

As an innovation center in Nairobi, iHiT has equipped a meeting room and a conference room for you. These rooms are provided with the following facilities:

The facilities within the packages:

  • Free internet
  • Parking is available
  • Whiteboard
  • TV & HDMI
  • Video projector

To book a meeting room & conference room you can contact us:

Mail: [email protected] Phone & WhatsApp: +254786746476


Which one is better, Physical meetings or online meetings?

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, most business meetings were held physically. But one of the biggest changes in business during the coronavirus was the online meetings. Employees worked from home and weekly or monthly meetings were held online. Online and face-to-face meetings each have advantages and disadvantages. We intend to explain them in this article.

Before reviewing online and face-to-face meetings, it is necessary to state whether the meeting is necessary or not. A blog will be published soon to answer this question, which is fully explained.

private office

Disadvantages of physical meetings:


One of the problems of face-to-face meetings is the delay in starting the meeting. Problems such as traffic and parking space cause delays for participants. Thus, everyone’s time in the meeting is wasted. This is one of the serious problems of physical meetings.

2-Cost of physical meetings

Holding a meeting includes expenses such as the cost of the reception, the cost of renting a meeting room, and printing the minutes for all people. Although costs can be reduced by management, these costs are almost zero in online meetings.

3- Waste of time

If the meeting is not well managed and the participants do not speak in turn, it will waste a lot of time, which will reduce the efficiency of the meeting.

4- Absence

If one of your teammates has a cold or is traveling, it is not possible to attend the meeting. However, in online meetings, most people can attend the meeting in any situation.

private office

Benefits of physical meeting:

1-High focus

Suppose you are sitting in front of your laptop and as you listen to your manager talking, the doorbell rings and you are completely distracted and lose your focus. Attending a meeting increases your chances of increasing your focus.

2-Eye contact and body language

One of the most important benefits of a face-to-face meeting is eye contact and body language. Suppose you are invited to a meeting to negotiate. The power of persuasion in physical meetings with body language is far greater than in online meetings. Deep communication and emotional involvement in physical meetings are greater than in online meetings.

3-Higher impact

The speed of holding meetings is higher than in online meetings. Internet interruption or slowing down reduces the speed of the meeting. This point is very important in the effectiveness of the meeting. Also, after the meeting, you can talk about the meeting in an informal atmosphere and answer the relevant questions.

Online meetings:

ihit private office

Disadvantages of online meetings:

1- Internet speed

One of the main challenges of online meetings is the Internet. Sudden interruption or slow speed can slow down the meetings and reduce their efficiency.

2- Basic equipment

To have a good and quality online meeting, you have equipment such as a microphone and a quality camera. Buying this equipment is a lot of money that is not affordable for most people.

3. Surface communication

You can’t communicate deeply with your audience in an online meeting. As mentioned, eye contact and body language have a huge impact on people’s emotions.

advantages of online meetings:

1-Save time

From the moment you get dressed and move to the meeting place to your return home, a lot of time is wasted, like traffic. But the advantage of an online meeting is time savings. You can join the meeting from anywhere in the shortest time.

2- Online meeting facilities

Online meetings provide services to participants. They can share their files without consuming a single piece of paper. Or the meeting can be fully recorded and saved.

3-Suitable for short meetings

Holding a physical meeting for 10 minutes is not sensible. For example, sometimes you need a short meeting with your team. A physical meeting is not suitable for ten minutes and short meetings can be held online.

Finally, we must point out that each meeting has specific conditions. Your weekly meeting with your team is different from the negotiation meeting for the transfer of shares of a company. Therefore, choose the type of meeting that suits the conditions of the meeting.

For your physical meetings, we introduce the iHiT Meeting Room, located in Nairobi, Kilimani. The iHiT Meeting Room can accommodate your 2 to 60-person meeting. One of the most important benefits of a meeting room is its affordable price, which you can save money.