Everything you need to know to rent a private office in Nairobi

Most businesses need a dedicated office after passing their initial period and expanding their team. Due to the type of their services, many businesses cannot work in a shared workspace, at home, or in public environments such as restaurants and coffee shops. For this reason, they are looking to rent a private office. We’re going to give you all the information you need to make the best decision.


What are the benefits of renting daily office space?

Some businesses do not need to rent a private office annually or even monthly. For example, manufacturers who produce their products in the factory only have a dedicated space for holding meetings and signing contracts. These types of businesses should rent private offices daily according to their needs. Some advantages of daily office rental:

• The first advantage is the reduction of costs. You do not need to sign a monthly or annual contract, and in the same way, you only pay for one day’s rent.

• By renting an office daily, you will have a more detailed plan, because you know that all the activities you have for a private space must be done on this day. Otherwise, you may delay the work if you rent the office every month.

• You increase your productivity. If you need to concentrate to do some of your work, you can work in a dedicated workspace. In this way, you will do your work by renting a private office for only one day.

• Also, you can use the benefits of dedicated offices such as high-speed internet, free tea and coffee, and facilities such as TV and video projector.

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What type of businesses suit daily office space?

As we have mentioned the advantages of daily rent of private offices, we should also keep in mind that it is not suitable for every business. In this section, we introduce some jobs that can rent private offices daily.

•  Freelancers who work at home, in public spaces, or in shared workspaces can rent a private office for important business meetings, contracts with clients, and team meetings. such as business consultants or programmers.

• Online service sellers who do all their business activities online and sometimes need to be physically present together, who can rent a private office daily.

• Businesses that do not have a fixed location and operate on a project basis, and sometimes they need a private office to start a project and plan for it, and the rest of the work is done in different project locations. Like architectural designers.

In general, businesses that do not use a lot of private offices should rent the space daily to reduce costs and make useful use of the space.

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What facilities a good private office should have?

When you rent a private office, you must consider important points before signing a contract or paying a fee. A private office is different from a shared space and any other type of workspace. You pay more than other spaces because of the extra services.

• Electricity situation and the cost of bills: Power outages are one of the main challenges for areas that do not have proper infrastructure. So make sure there is a good alternative like solar or generator. Also, about bills, make sure if it is included in the rent or if it has to be paid separately. A good private office has provided proper conditions for its electricity situation and does not calculate the cost of electricity separately with the tenant.

• Internet: High-speed internet, as well as strong support, is the need of every business. Before renting an office, be sure to check its speed and make sure of the quality of the provider company.

• Access to the meeting room: One of the most important advantages is access to the meeting room and conference room. A suitable space for holding your meetings and business appointments is one of the most important facilities that a private office should provide you. Also, note whether your access to meeting spaces will include a separate fee.

• Kitchen: Your private office is your second home. So access to a kitchen is one of the most important services that a private office should provide you. Free access to tea and coffee is one of the advantages of an office.

• Location and convenient access: The location of the private offices is important for easy access for you and your colleagues, and you should pay attention to the neighborhood and neighbors to have ideal conditions. Some neighborhoods are very busy and have heavy traffic during many hours of the day. It is not reasonable to rent an office in these neighborhoods.

• Secretarial services: private office secretaries are a practical advantage that coordinate your meetings. If you receive a letter or a package, they can deliver it and in the moments when you are not in the office, they can represent you.

Type of iHiT private offices to rent in Nairobi

As an innovation center, iHiT has provided various types of workspaces. In this section, we introduce workspaces.

• private offices daily: iHiT has a variety of private offices with a capacity of 2 to 12 people. All offices have similar facilities and the only difference is in size.

• private offices monthly and annual: private offices with all facilities and reasonable prices are available monthly and annually. It is also possible to use all the services available in these offices.

• Meeting room and conference room: In addition to private offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms with the possibility of accepting up to 50 people are available on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

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10 important factors in choosing a private office

As you read this blog, you are probably looking to rent a private office for your business. In this blog, we want to tell you important factors that will help you choose your workspace.

If you are a freelancer or business owner, you need office space to let. Some people can work from home and communicate with their customers without any problems, but most businesses need a workspace to deploy their employees and communicate with customers. Some choose a shared workspace, and some choose a private workspace.

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In another blog, we have reviewed the important factors for choosing a coworking space that you can read about it. In that blog, you will learn about the important factors in choosing a shared workspace.

  • Parking

One of the most important factors in choosing a private office is parking. You can’t look for space to park your car every day. Or your customers will spend many minutes looking for a parking space to meet you. Adequate car parking space for tenants and customers is a great advantage for a private office.

  • meeting room

You need a well-equipped meeting room for weekly meetings with your team or meeting with clients. Before renting a private office, make sure that you have a meeting room or conference room so that you do not have any problems holding your meetings.

  • Furnished private office

Renting a vacant private office will cost you money, which is not economical. But choosing a private office with desks, chairs, and whiteboards, in addition to reducing costs, also helps you save time.

  • Work Atmosphere

Renting a private office in a commercial complex can help your business a lot. Because in malls, other people and businesses are working and each can be a new customer for you. For this reason, rent an office in a complex that adds value to your business.

  • flexibility

A flexible work environment reduces your fatigue. Imagine you are working in a small private office with low light. After a few hours, you get tired and stop working. But imagine you can pick up your laptop and go to the coffee shop, restaurant, and backyard of the complex where you have an office and work. So rent an office that has a lot of flexibility.

  • affordable private office for rent

Reducing the cost of rent is one of the most important factors in choosing a private office. The marketing cost instead of the high cost of rent, better feedback for you. So by finding a cheap office space with good facilities, you will help your business a lot.

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  • kitchen

Yes, do not be surprised. The kitchen. Your office is your second home. It can be difficult if you do not have access to the kitchen to have tea and coffee or to prepare your breakfast. A kitchen with the necessary facilities can help you reduce costs and increase comfort.

  • Secretary

Some businesses do not have many meetings or incoming calls. Therefore, they do not need to hire a secretary. In these cases, having a freelance secretary is very important for private offices to do important work.

  • Location

Your private office is bothering you in an area where traffic is always heavy. This factor is very important when choosing an office space and will save you time.

  • The cost of bills

The cost of water, electricity and internet bills is one of the heavy costs for private offices. One of the most important factors in choosing a private office is reducing costs. An office space that does not charge you separately has a huge advantage.

These 10 factors are the most important factors in choosing a private office that will help you reduce costs.

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iHiT private office in Nairobi

One of the services offered by iHiT is private offices. These offices are located in the Kilimani area, which includes the following services:

  • Water, electricity, internet Bill
  • Reception services
  • Access to meeting & conference room
  • Access to the garden/lounge
  • Parking is available
  • Access to the kitchen

If you are interested in our private office or have any question, please let us know. you can ask any question at any time on our Whatsapp in below right corner.

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