Kenya-Iran B2B marketing and matchmaking

Iran House of Innovation & Technology (iHiT), representing more than 6,000 Iranian knowledge-based companies in Kenya, is holding an online event between Iranian and Kenyan companies in the following areas:

1- Pharmaceuticals

2-Agriculture technologies

3. Medical equipment

This event is aiming at improving and enhancing a better business relations between Iran and Kenyan companies in the fields mentioned above, the other goals are  as follows:

  •  To Increase trade in biotechnology products between the two countries
  • Raising the level of business consulting for companies in the field of biotechnology
  • Effective and low-cost marketing of companies for their products
  • Upgrade the quality level of products according to customer needs
  • Strengthening political and economic relations between Iran and Kenya

The event will feature speakers from both countries as follows:

Ali Baniamerian (CEO of iHiT in Kenya)

Dr .Jafar Barmaki (Amb of Kenya in Iran)

Mostafa Ghanei (Director of Biotech development council of Iran)

Joshua l. Gatimu (Amb of Kenya in Iran)

Dilip Muchhala (Director of zain pharma limited)

Caroline Gichuki (international trade, investment & business consultant)

IMG_1216 (1)


CMS AFRICA is a non-governmental organization that provides support and training services to companies and organizations in the field of web and holds events in this field every year in different cities of Africa.

This event is the most prominent technology organization in the African continent that examines how websites work. It was first held in Nairobi in 2015 and later in Kampala (Uganda), Abuja (Nigeria).), Kigali (Rwanda), Cape Town (South Africa) respectively and its last program in 2021 was held in Nairobi and Iran House of Innovation and Technology.

The event, along with its main partner, Google, hosts the world’s best in technology, including tech innovators, tech entrepreneurs, web and mobile design experts, e-commerce solution designers, and online commerce and exchange professionals. Online, bloggers, digital marketing investors, industry executives, startups, academics, diplomats and government officials.


The global room event

The institute is made up of a global community, including emerging entrepreneurs, professionals, adventurous innovators and industry leaders and experts. The mission of this institute is to create mediation between companies and human resources. To achieve this goal, the organization  has formed a network of human resources that discovers talents in various fields and trains them over time under the supervision of experts, and finally introduces them  to job opportunities.

The global room institute has more than 50 countries in its communication network that are active in 30 different industries. Also, according to the latest statistics of 2021, more than 2000 talented people are members of this institute.


The INVITEX event

The INVITEX event was attended by more than 200 people and 15 international speakers at iHiT.

This event examines business innovation, the first course of which was held in 4 days with the participation of more than 200 people and the presence of 12 international speakers. The purpose of this event is to grow and promote the future of small and medium businesses. It is through technology and digital marketing. The event was attended by top entrepreneurs, start-ups, national companies and international companies.

startup weekend-min

Startup weekend Nairobi

This is a three-day event, which is held seasonally at the Center for Innovation and Technology of Iran. The course was held with the participation of 48 Kenyan startups, 10 mentors and 6 judges from Kenya, Sweden and India.

On the first day, startups had the opportunity to present their ideas in a short time and answer the following three main questions:

  1. 1. What problem do they want to solve?

2.What is their initial idea to solve this problem?

3.What specializations do they need as a teammate to build this startup?

After presenting the ideas, ​​9 out of 48 people were finally selected to represent their ideas and the rest joined them to form nine main teams of startup.

On the second and third day, the teams worked on the ideas, in which 10 mentors guided each team.

At the end of the third day, the top three ideas were selected after review by the judges and they were awarded prizes by the sponsors of this event.


3D printer

One of the goals of the Iran Innovation and Technology Center is to export technology to Kenya and invest in modern areas of the world.

In this regard, a 3D printer made in Iran was exported to Kenya to begin the process of studying the market and marketing of this industry in Kenya.