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CMS AFRICA is a non-governmental organization that provides support and training services to companies and organizations in the field of web and holds events in this field every year in different cities of Africa.

This event is the most prominent technology organization in the African continent that examines how websites work. It was first held in Nairobi in 2015 and later in Kampala (Uganda), Abuja (Nigeria).), Kigali (Rwanda), Cape Town (South Africa) respectively and its last program in 2021 was held in Nairobi and Iran House of Innovation and Technology.

The event, along with its main partner, Google, hosts the world’s best in technology, including tech innovators, tech entrepreneurs, web and mobile design experts, e-commerce solution designers, and online commerce and exchange professionals. Online, bloggers, digital marketing investors, industry executives, startups, academics, diplomats and government officials.

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