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Event space checklist: 6 Important points to consider

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an Event space checklist is considered a must for our event to hold. You should have participated in important events that have hundreds of participants and you have asked yourself how it is possible to plan this event. Holding an event will present you with different challenges that you should have a plan for each. Otherwise, the quality of the event will decrease.

There is even a job as an event planner, who can plan an event with enough experience. But if you want to organize an event yourself and not leave the responsibility of its implementation to the event planner, you should prepare a checklist in advance and plan accordingly. In general, there is no general checklist for all events because the types of events are different.

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For example, holding a graduation party is different from a motivational seminar. Or a birthday party is very different from a startup event. But almost a large part of the checklist is shared. In this blog, we are going to provide you with a checklist to help you organize your events.

event space checklist: Your cost and budget

Perhaps the first factor to consider is your expenses and budget. Because a graduation party can be organized for a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars. The whole checklist depends on your budget. You can increase the variety of dishes and pay more. Or you can print a physical card instead of a digital invitation card and send it to your guests.

So, in the first step, determine your budget. Be sure to consider what is the maximum cost you can afford. Sometimes you can increase your budget by 10% to make the event of higher quality. Or, for example, perhaps the budget can be managed by reducing the number of guests.

event space checklist: Event space rental

One of the main factors in the checklist is the event space. You can see event spaces by visiting innovation centers, hotels, conference halls, co-working spaces, and gardens. One of the best practices is to write down all the available options on paper.

According to the needs and budget, you can remove them one by one to determine the final option. For example, maybe you are looking for an outdoor event venue. Therefore, many options that are covered are removed.

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You may also want the dining area to be separate from the main event space. You should find the right option according to your needs. Of course, the important thing that you should keep in mind during this process is your budget. Renting an event space at a reasonable price can save you money that you can spend elsewhere.

Try to choose and reserve your event space at least one month in advance. Also, agree with the event space manager so that there is no ambiguity and all the services that will be provided to you are clear.

event space checklist: Number of guests

Determine the number of guests and plan the rest accordingly. There are a few things to remember about the number of guests. The first thing is to imagine that all your guests will come. Many people think that some guests will not come and they will have problems later.

For example, you order less food because you think that some people will not come, but if the number of guests is more, the food will not reach some of them.

The second factor is to be ready to provide services to your guests. If you invite them, you should also think about parking. Keep in mind the number of guests in all your decisions because it directly affects your decision.

event space checklist: Event space services

Keep in mind that you should provide facilities for your guests to increase the quality of your event. The satisfaction of your guests will make a good memory for them. So try to provide them with the best service at a reasonable price. Try to prepare the things mentioned below for your event.

  • Internet
  • Parking
  • Available location of event venue
  • The temperature of the event space
  • Comfortable table and chairs
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event space checklist: food and drink

You may not believe it, but this part is important for all guests, and if it is prepared with low quality, it will affect their opinion. So look for a professional supplier and order good quality for your guests. To find a good chef, you should test different dishes in advance so that you are not surprised on the day of the event.

Try to order from several different chefs and choose the best quality at an affordable price. Also, provide the necessary equipment for the cook to keep the food fresh and hot. For drinks, try to prepare some popular drinks that most people like. Regarding the food, be sure to pay attention to the fact that you order close to the taste of the general public.

event space checklist: Sound system and camera

If the event space is large and the number of guests is large, then you need a sound system. Also, if you want to record the event, you should provide a camera and lighting system. Be sure to leave these facilities to the manager of the event space to reduce your worries. If you want to rent this equipment from another supplier, be sure to check it before the event to make sure it is working properly.

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iHiT Event space in Kilimani check all of checks needed of event space checklist

iHiT as an innovation center has provided outdoor and indoor event space at an affordable price. If you are looking for event space in Nairobi, you can contact us for more information.

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