Food & Agriculture


Berooz Resan is an online marketplace in the field of supply and distribution of food products. Behroozersan online market gives the producers of Iranian goods the opportunity to introduce and sell their products to the market in the fastest possible time in an online space by the elimination of intermediaries between producer and consumer. It’s the only online food market that brings together more than 10,000 types of products from reputable food brands and flowers and plants so that customers can properly select and purchase the products they need by comparing different product features.


This company is involved in the field of technical knowledge production and industrial production of fertilizers and agricultural enhancers in 2010 with the aim of creating new technologies in agriculture and succeeded in creating unique formulas and technologies in a short time which in turn is the most unique and exclusive which is incomparable to its similar products.


Hoopad Sanaat started its activities in the field of design, implementation and supervision of intelligent and BMS projects since 2011 by bringing together a team consisting of elite and capable experts in the fields of IT and electronics.