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How can a coworking space help me as a startup, entrepreneur or freelancer?

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There are over 1,000 start-ups in Kenya(+). I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of the early startups that made it big, which were founded out of a cramped garage or tiny spare room. But thanks to coworking spaces, your startup can do one better and work out of a spot that inspires creativity and productivity.


How coworking space can help grow your startup?

  • It’s cost-effective for a startup

Your startup can’t spend a lot in the beginning because it doesn’t have enough budget. Your startup isn’t going to take off overnight and start earning the big bucks immediately. And while you might want a nice office space at a great location, that definitely will decrease your funds. But with a coworking space, you get access to a place to work from at a convenient location that won’t break the bank.

coworking spaces like shared offices also come with amenities such as scanners and printers among others. A shared workspace can save you money that you have to spend on buying office equipment.

  • coworking spaces are flexible, just like your startup

There are different types of co-working spaces and you can choose the right space according to your type of business. Choose a workspace that suits you and your colleagues’ needs.

You only pay for the hourly use of the shared workspace and you can use the restaurant, cafe, etc. You don’t need to have a centralized team, and you can manage and grow your startup with a shared workspace anywhere in Kenya or Nairobi.

If you need a meeting room to hold meetings, or if you have an important presentation meeting for your startup, everything is ready in advance and you only need to pay the hourly usage fee for meeting rooms or conference rooms.

  • It’s common and logical for a startup

Having an office for your startup at the first stage comes with a lot of maintenance and responsibilities. Taking care of the building, buying chairs and desks, high-speed internet, and getting a cleaning staff organized among others. this is almost impossible for a startup.
In addition to monetary costs, your time is also spent on these tasks and you lose your valuable time.
If a startup faces thousands of challenges and problems and you have to spend your time on these challenges.

So, choose the convenient option and go with a co-working space and just plug and play.

A coworking space is built for a startup. It’s conducive to growing a business and offers you freedom and flexibility. you can book your iHiT coworking space Now.


How can a coworking space help me as a freelancer?

The number of freelancers is increasing day by day. For these people, there are two options for work: work from home, or work in a shared space.

  • The Perfect location for you as a freelancer: Do you want to be within walking distance of home? Or need to stay close to your child’s school? or you can’t concentrate at home because of noises. No problem! You can find a space at a location of your choice to work out. All you have to do is book the space, drop in and work away.
  • just pay hourly not the whole day or month: When you choose to work out of a coworking space you will have access to a dedicated seat and Wi-Fi, whenever you need to work. And you only pay for the hours you use the space.
  • If you need Discipline: As a freelancer, it’s hard to get into a routine since your time is yours. But when you book a seat at a coworking space you know you’ll show up and concentrate on the work at hand. In this way, you get some structure into your day.
  • If you need someone to motivate you or a context of success: in a coworking space, you’ll have people around you, many working away and that sense of community can increase your productivity.
  • Choose based on your budget: Whatever your need or budget you can find a space—you could choose to work out of a fun coworking café for a chilled-out vibe, or a more formal restaurant for a quieter space to work from. There’s even the option of shared offices and meeting spaces in case you need more privacy or have a one-on-one interaction with a client.
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