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How Coworking has Revolutionized Workspaces?

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What is a coworking space? Coworking space is simply a place where employees of different organizations or freelancers, share office space, infrastructure, or other resources between themselves. In 2017, there were about 2600 co-working spaces worldwide. That number is projected to almost double to more than 49,500 by 2022

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The concept of co-working as an affordable solution is gaining traction rapidly within the small business and startup community. The demand has been forecasted to increase exponentially shortly as office space becomes more and more expensive in urban areas.

Co-working space has increased with the increase of startups all over the world and there is a great demand for co-working space and it is increasing.

Why does the new generation workforce prefer coworking spaces compared to traditional offices?

The new generation of the workforce has eagerly embraced the co-working space and prefers it to the traditional work office. To understand why coworking has had such a revolutionizing effect on the modern workspace, let us take a look at some of the key solutions that it offers compared to traditional office spaces.

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“The Money”; the first reason is the Budget and cost-saving of Coworking spaces.

Co-working space cuts cost by 25 percent up to 100 seats and are 20 percent cheaper for up to 250 seats. In the conventional office scenario, companies have to lock in additional space for future growth, which adds to the cost unlike the flexible office space we offer(+).

Statistics show that not only startups and SMEs, but also large companies have started using shared workspaces. Economies of scale kick in with co-working spaces as shared facilities like conference rooms and a cafeteria can be used by all clients. So the administration cost for maintaining facilities, which is an add-on expense for companies, is not there. for example, iHiT coworking space in Nairobi creates the space and also manages it. This means reducing costs for companies and startups.

Coworking space creates limitless Networking Opportunities

Coworking space creates limitless Networking Opportunities

Networking is crucial for the success of your business. In a traditional workplace, you face the same people from your organization every day, and you don’t have any new networking opportunities. You are inside the box.

Contrast this with coworking spaces, people from different organizations involved in a hub of different industries work together inside the same office, sharing office space amenities, and wouldn’t you know it – sharing new and creative ideas.  The more networking opportunities, the more opportunities for new creative ideas and wealth creation.

coworking space in nairobi

Office Amenities already set up without any extra maintenance cost

if you are a fan of traditional offices After you purchase or lease out your office building, you have to purchase cubicles, tables, chairs, etc., set up electricity and telephone lines, air-conditioning, wifi, and IT infrastructure, hire an employee to provide tea and a lot many other things that increaser your cost just for your company office. 

But if you choose a coworking space, on the other hand, The provider company(like iHiT coworking space in Nairobi) takes care of all these things for you. 

There are already ready-to-work office spaces set up, fully equipped telephone and internet facilities, printers, ergonomic tables and chairs, business lounge area, conference rooms, etc. you better do the most important things – managing and growing your business.

Location flexibility made easy, relocate without cost

In traditional offices, you had to use a long-term lease, which means that it becomes difficult to change the location of your business.

Coworking space Helps your business become more agile. The location of your business plays an important role in the amount of your income. You should be close to where your customers are or are more accessible than your competitors. It is thus vitally important for your business to strategically switch locations accordingly to take advantage of the changing landscape.

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iHiT Always affordable coworking space in Nairobi could be your choice

iHiT Kenya Located in the Kimilani neighborhood, offers you affordable, best market price coworking spaces in Nairobi. Create a revolution in your business right now and contact us.

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