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How to choose a suitable meeting room?

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Holding business meetings is an important part of any business. Weekly meetings with team members or meetings with the employer are each important. People who do not have a dedicated office for themselves and their businesses must book a meeting room to hold their meetings. In this article, you will get acquainted with 8 factors for choosing a suitable meeting room.

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Tips on finding the best meeting room you want

The meeting room location should have good access for participants. The nearest meeting room may not be the best option for you, but the meeting room you choose should provide you with easy access by car, motorbike and public transport.

One of the most important factors in choosing a meeting room is its facilities. Comfortable chairs, fresh air inside the room, screen, whiteboard, high-speed internet, and parking.

Sometimes you want to change the layout of the meeting room to suit your meetings. For example, it looks like a classroom or a circular space where everyone gathers together. The meeting room you want to choose should allow you to do this.

Cost and budget
One of the most important issues in choosing a meeting room is its price. Hotels usually provide you with the most expensive meeting rooms. So choosing a hotel to hold a meeting is not in your best interest. In addition to hotels, Innovation Centers and Shared Workspaces also provide meeting rooms, which are cheaper than hotels.

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Private space
It is impossible to hold an important work session requiring high concentration in a crowded restaurant. Or coffee shops are not a good place to hold your team’s performance analysis meetings. The meeting room, in addition to the private space it provides, should not distract you and should not have noise pollution.

Catering to guests
If you are planning to host a meeting, book a meeting room with a coffee shop and restaurant, and you will be able to order whenever you want and save time.

Room lighting
The darkroom makes people drowsy and they can’t pay attention to the content of the meeting. When choosing a meeting room, pay attention to the light of the room.

Internet connection

You can rent out the nicest meeting room in town, but when your business’s Website does not load properly in front of clients, investors, or partners, that’s a big problem. Look for a meeting space that guarantees a strong, reliable, and secure internet connection plus high-speed internet. Make sure you try the internet connection on your device before the meeting.

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IHiT has an elegant meeting room /board room that is soundproof and suitable for a small board meeting carrying the capacity of up to 6 people.
It comes with a smart screen for sharing content and presentations with a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI cable) or in preference of a whiteboard to scribble down illustrations.
You get to use the boardroom space at a very friendly price (1000 Ksh) per hour.
iHiT Conference room
It is also known as the auditorium or the training room the meeting room comes with a smart screen and a potable whiteboard together with HDMI cables to help with the presentation of the clients.
Unlike the meeting room, the auditorium’s minimum capacity is 7 while the maximum is 50. The striking difference between the conference room and the meeting room is that the conference room charges vary according to the number of people, for example, 6 to 10 people are charged 1500 per hour while 20 to 50 people are charged 3000 Ksh per hour.

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