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How to plan an event: 6 steps essential guide to event planning

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A successful event requires regular planning. For each event, some important actions must be taken to achieve a good result. Whether that event is a seminar with thousands of people or a graduation party with hundreds of people. Unique planning should be done for each event suitable for its conditions. Events differ in many factors and no one-size-fits-all plan can be given. But in this article, we try to examine 6 important factors so that you can organize a better event.

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Set objection

From the beginning of the path, you must determine your goal. Choosing the goal is not only about choosing the title of the event. You have to aim in different fields to get a good result. First, determine the purpose of holding the event. Knowing the reason for holding an event is the first step. Also, specify for yourself how you expect the event to be. Determine the quality you want. Sometimes your goal is to hold a large event with a thousand people. If this possibility is not possible for you in reality. So, specify your goals in different parts of the event, including the type of event, the quality of the event, the desired result after the event, and details such as marketing and advertising methods and identifying the target audience.

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Analyze your budget

One of the biggest constraints for any event planner is budget. A million-dollar budget may not be enough for an event. Each event needs a minimum budget according to its characteristics, but more budget is needed to increase the quality of holding. Enter your entire budget in an Excel file before spending. It should be a number of your budget limit and under no circumstances spend more than your budget. Unless your budget has increased.

In this section, you should write down all the parts of the event in the Excel file. From renting the event space to the smallest possible costs. Be sure to allocate a part of the budget for unforeseen expenses. For example, allocate 10% of the budget to it so that you don’t get into trouble. Budget according to the details of the event and assign a percentage to each section to know your spending limit. For example, consider 15-25% of the total budget for event space rental. So that you can have more options to consider.

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What type of event?

You cannot categorize events easily because there are many types of events whose details are different. That’s why you should take different actions according to your event. For example, we want to check several types of events:

Graduation events: these events are held for students and their families, so the age group is clear. Most graduation events do not require a speaker. Most of the entertainment is for students and their families, and most of the time of the event is spent having fun.

• Startup events: These events are held for a group that is limited in terms of costs. For this reason, you can talk to the university funds for financial support to increase your budget. Getting a grant for holding a startup event is much easier than getting a grant for holding a birthday party. So, depending on the type of event, you can talk to sponsors and Fundraising.

• Motivational speaker events: One of the events that have gained a lot of fans in recent years is motivational speaker events. So that you sit on a chair for a few hours and pay attention to the speaker. For example, in these types of events, the speaker’s voice quality is more important than the variety of food. So, it is reasonable for you to spend more money to rent a better sound system to order more variety of food.

• Business events: holding B2B meetings is one of the most common business events. In this type of event, you have to prepare a professional environment for holding meetings, and it is completely different from a startup event.

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Set a perfect date and location

Choosing the date and venue of the event is one of the important parts of planning. Choosing the wrong date can decrease or increase the number of people participating in the event. For example, holding a business event on a Sunday evening would not make sense. Because it is better to be held on working days than on a holiday. Or, for example, holding a startup event in the middle of the week is a better choice than the last day of the week. Also, the time of the event is important. The early hours of the morning are good for a training event, but not for a graduation party.

You should be very sensitive about the event space. All the guests at the beginning of the event will judge you by the atmosphere of the event. Choosing a dark event space without proper air purification can make it disappointing and negatively affect the results of the event. Be sure to check all the factors that an event space should have before making your final choice. Even if another event is held in the event space, participate in it to know its advantages and disadvantages. By choosing the right event space, you have attracted the attention of your audience at the beginning of the event.

Suppliers, speakers, and entertainment

You work with suppliers for each part of the event, such as sound system, catering, gifts, decoration, etc. It is necessary to coordinate with all of them so that they start working correctly. Some work needs to be done sooner than other work. So suppliers must work in a proper system to get a good result.

Also, if you have invited speakers to the event, you should keep an eye on how many minutes each speech lasts. What things do they need during the speech? Also, it is better to check the files that they want to present before the event. so that there is no technical problem.

If you have planned entertainment for the event, you should consider whether it is in the interest of your audience or not. A group game for a graduation event can be attractive, but you should check the facilities to make it possible.

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Promoting and selling tickets

One of the most important measures that you should consider from the beginning is marketing and how to sell tickets. You should start marketing after the location and time of your event is determined. Advertisements on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the use of advertisements. Google can increase your sales. You have to find your target audience and convince them to buy from you by giving them information about the event. Keep these points in mind that if you neglect marketing, all your efforts may be wasted. So take marketing seriously.

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