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why small businesses should use shared offices?

You have an idea and you believe in it. So you put your idea in action, started developing relationships with clients, and you might even be hiring contractors to meet rising workloads. That’s good news, right? Sure, but working from home is starting to become less and less feasible.

Family, children, spouse, and household chores are increasingly distracting you. Keeping your small startup at home gets harder and harder. that’s exactly where the affordable shared workspace comes into play. Why a shared workspace is the best choice for small businesses?

Small Businesses need more productivity to strive in the first stage.

Optimal use of resources is vital for small businesses. High productivity requires a good work environment. In many ways, affordable coworking spaces were designed with small businesses in mind. In the early stages of a business, affordable and flexible amenities are critical to productivity. Resources are lean when it comes to small businesses.

What are the benefits of a coworking space for small businesses and freelancers?

Your small business could potentially benefit from a coworking space. Not only can it help boost your employees’ creativity, but it can amplify business opportunities. because Work atmosphere is one of the most important factor for work efficiency.

If you are interested in coworking space for your small business, read this factors about how shared space could boost your business growth.

In a shared work space, You’re Surrounded by Networking Opportunities

whether working as a freelancer or leading your team in your startup, a coworking space is like a pool of opportunities for you. Imagine how easy it would be to negotiate services you need, recruit new employees as your business grow, learn from other businesses for free, and discover new clients if all of those parties were sitting nearby, that’s an affordable coworking space advantage.

You have a vast range of specialists at your fingertips. There may be a writer beside you that may help write best practice content for your website SEO. There’s a web designer next to him who can help you debug your website. There’s even a Digital marketing specialist who can help your online growth. All you have to do is start a conversation.

You have a fully staffed office without heavy payroll for it

In a shared workspace, you do not need to have a technical team to check the technical condition of the equipment. In a shared workspace, you do not need to have a technical team to check the technical condition of the equipment. Also, the use of expensive equipment, which is normally a big cost for a small business, is available in a shared workspace and, most importantly, is affordable.

In a rented coworking space you do not need to worry about equipment maintenance, a complete team will do it for your startup. You better focus on growing your business.

affordable shred space can Increase your productivity

Small business owners—especially those who operate from home or public areas—see increased productivity after moving to shared spaces[+]. Shared workspace increases work productivity, this is due to the fact that distractions are greatly reduced and all those around you and people who work in a cost-effective shared workspace seek to focus and do their work.

According to the Harvard Business Review research, people who work in a coworking space feel more in control of their jobs and business and find their work more relevant, they also experience a sense of belonging to greater community like them. all of this factors will boost one person or a team productivity.

working in a coworking space could improve your work-life balance

One of the most important things for a person is work-life balance. There are probably many benefits to working from home, but it can be very difficult to separate work and personal life.

In a collaborative work environment, because of the professional work environment, you know you are here to work and you are postponing other things.
In addition, the shared workspace has rooms for renovation and refreshments that increase the quality of personal and work life.

affordable coworking space for small businesses is a need

Have you ever stopped to consider just how expensive it is to furnish an entire office space? How about the cost of getting all of the necessary technology installed and operational?

In a shared workspace you don’t need to think about this things and their cost. you can rent a coworking space by hour, day or month and just pay for that, not whole equipment maintenance costs.

iHit affordable coworking spaces fit small business’s needs in Kenya, Nairobi

At iHit , we offer cost-effective shared workspace at the best price. You will find the best technology for shared work space in Nairobi, Kimilani neighborhood in iHit. Our services are hourly, daily and monthly at affordable prices. You can contact us right now through communication channels.


Working at home or working in a coworking space? Which is better?

In the last two years, the coronavirus has left almost everyone at home, with everything being done from home online and even weekly meetings being held virtually. One of the most important changes in business in the last two years is being able to stay home and work. At first, most employers were upset about this and thought that people’s productivity at home would go down. But after a few months, the culture of working online became known to businesses. In a way, many business owners in this period started their business virtually from the beginning.

But after two years, as the coronavirus draws to a close, many businesses will have to decide how to proceed. In this blog, we are going to compare working conditions at home with working conditions in a coworking space and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

working at home or not?


One of the most important reasons for low efficiency is lack of concentration. Therefore, one of the main factors in choosing a workspace is the possibility of high concentration. If you work at home and feel that your focus on the shared workspace is decreasing or increasing, I have to tell you that it’s up to you. Everyone needs concentration, they have to experience different spaces to get it.

For example, a writer needs a lot of focus to write. But many writers do not have this focus at home. That’s why they rent a private office or join a coworking space.

But let’s compare focus at home and coworking space. In a collaborative work environment, you work with other people. Everyone wants to be highly focused. So everyone strives to achieve high concentration. As a result, the focus on the shared workspace is likely to be higher than at home.


In the age we live in, connections are as essential to us as water. You can’t sit at home and think about attracting new customers. Or great opportunities do not ring your doorbell to give you good job offers. Being in a coworking space has a great advantage in that you have the opportunity to get to know other businesses. You can also think about opportunities with them and share your ideas.

Investors are present in the best collaborative coworking spaces looking for good ideas. Do not look for them at home to find them.

read more about our coworking space at what is a coworking space?

3- Rest

Resting at home is definitely easier than in a coworking space. But resting at home also has its drawbacks. For example, you are supposed to take a 20-minute nap. Personally, I can’t rest at home for a short and useful time, because too much comfort makes me sleep may be more than an hour, and that means time is lost. But in a shared work environment, you should look for centers that have a place for members to rest so they can relax.

Also, in a dynamic and active environment such as a coworking space where everyone is working, you do not rest too much and the active environment invites you to work.

4- Cost

At first, you think the cost of working from home is low. For coworking space, you have to pay the transportation and registration fees. But you can reduce your costs by choosing a coworking space at an affordable price and close to your home. So the costs can be checked by Google Find cheap coworking spaces in Nairobi.

Note also that some factors can’t be priced. Finding an investor in a co-working space is much easier than finding one at home. So consider the cost of registering a coworking space as an investment. Because there are so many new clients in the shared workspace.

These 4 factors are very important for choosing a workspace. Everyone must first know themselves and work in both environments. After a while, evaluate the above 4 factors and choose your work environment by comparing the results.

iHiT help you boost your productivity

At iHiT coworking space, we provide a flexible space with affordable prices for startups and freelancers to work efficiently. Also, by joining the iHiT coworking space, you will join our communication network to meet many investors and companies and have the opportunity to advertise your business for free. We are located on Dennis Pritt Road, Next to Maalim Juma Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya. For more information contact us.

11 Factors about co-work

Factors to consider before you choose a co-working space:

Co-working spaces are popping up all over the world, and for good reason! But before you sign up with the first space you stumble upon, it is important to find out what you are looking for in your co-working space.

Is it important to find a location close to your current job or home? Do you need storage space for files or stock? Will you be working with others in an open office setting? These are all questions that should be answered before signing up for a space. In this article, I will outline the factors to consider when choosing a co-working space to choose.

1. Dedicated space vs. Shared space: What is the difference?

If you have a dedicated area in your current office setup and it is not shared by your coworkers, moving to a co-working space should not be an issue for you. In this case, the co-working space will probably be similar to your current office.

However, if you share a workspace with your coworkers, you may want to choose a co-working space that offers closed offices or private offices so you can have some privacy while you work. A shared office is more open and relaxed, but it can also be distracting depending on what kind of work your job requires.

2. Dedicated support: How does a co-working space support you?

One of the best parts about a co-working space is its community. You are likely to meet new people, work with other people on projects and get advice from other colleagues when you need it.

Being able to connect with others in the community of your co-working space can be a great advantage when you’re working on a project and getting stuck. Being able to talk to others will make you feel more confident, and will help you work through problems faster.

How a co-working space can support you depends on the community of your workplace. If the community is warm, it can be helpful in getting help from other people on your projects directly. For example, when I moved to Nairobi City, it was difficult for me to get back up to speed at my new job because I didn’t have any friends close by who I could easily meet up with.

My co-working space made me feel more confident at work by providing private offices and dedicated support through the community. Because of this, I was able to make more progress on my projects and get my job back on track faster.

3. Physical vs digital workspace: What will your needs be?

You need to decide whether you can get the same amount of work done in a co-working space with a moving community of people versus an office dedicated to you. If your job involves physical work, such as working with a lot of files, or if your job is based around constantly looking at documents, it might make sense for you to choose an office over a workspace so you can store all of these documents in one location instead of having to keep track of them.

For example, if you’re currently working as a freelance writer, a co-working space with a digital workspace would work perfectly for you because you don’t need to store any physical files – just your computer!

4. Benefits of a co-working space: What will you gain?

Whether you are working part-time or full-time, the benefits of a co-working space can be great. As I mentioned above, co-working spaces offer shared areas where you can eat lunch, chat with coworkers and get help on your project.

Co-working spaces are also great for getting work done on your own projects without anyone else being around. It is so comforting to be in an open area with a lot of noise and people around, knowing that you don’t have to worry about distractions or other people trying to get in your space because their office is down the hall.

5. Pricing: Which co-working space is right for you?

The pricing of a co-working space will depend on what you need from your workspace. If you are on a budget, you can find plenty of options that are easily accessible. Some spaces are available in the form of membership per month or as part of a set package.

Working with others to provide value to your clients can help build up your reputation and ensure that you will get paid for all of your work! I highly recommend joining a co-working space community because it makes it easier for potential clients to find me through the community.

6. Location: Your location will dictate how often you can get to your workplace.

The place where you work is not the only factor in choosing a co-working space. You have to look at your budget and the amenities the space offers to consider things like the price, payment options and amenities. The good news is you don’t have to choose based off just one or two attributes. There are many factors that will effect your decision so look at all of them!

7. Good Business: 

Co-working spaces have been taking off across the Kenya and are becoming a popular way to work. This means that you should expect to have a plethora of options when looking for one. Keep in mind, however, that not all co-working spaces are alike. Some might be more business-oriented than others so you want to look at the environment itself and how professional it looks compared to others.

8. Wifi:

This is one of the biggest factors people think about when choosing a co-working space. How many people will be sharing the same wifi? What kind of speed does the wifi offer? How much are monthly payments and how will you pay for it? Does the place offer any other internet options in case one isn’t good enough for you to get your work done?

9. Involvement:

Not all co-working spaces are created equal. Some will require you to work there every day, some will allow drop-ins, but most likely you’ll have a choice between a few different options. Find out what kind of involvement the space asks of you and if it is something you can handle. Some will require you to be there at specific times and have a strict dress code, while others just add a desk in your space that you can use whenever you want.

10. Access:

This one is mostly going to depend on the location where the co-working space is located. Co-working spaces are more commonly found in urban areas, but for some communities, there aren’t as many options available. You might have to look for a less populated area to find your ideal spot or travel further for your “away from home” work space.

11. Other Services:

Many co-working spaces offer additional services besides just being a place to work from. Some offer more amenities than others and you want to know what they offer before signing up with them.

Are you in need of a co-working space, consider haftohasht as the one stop shop for all your co-working needs.

Written by Oduor Jagero.

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what is iHiT?

The Iran House of  Innovation and Technology(iHiT) offers its services in three categories.

1- private offices & coworking space

For entrepreneurs, students, researchers, startups, and domestic and international businesses, iHiT provides private offices for 3 to 15 people (which are all occupied for now) and co working space. Our shared workspace includes both indoor and outdoor spaces, they can be accessed in various ways which include, the day pass (you pay a certain amount to access the space for day), the blue membership package (this is membership for a team up to 4 people or more depending of preferences of the client, we customize a favorable price for that) and lastly the green membership (this suites customers are work alone or are individuals , they get shared space )

2-Meeting room and event space

iHiT has prepared a meeting space for 2 to 6 people in the meeting room and 7 to 50 people in the conference room. Every business needs a quiet and formal space to hold its meetings, courses , workshops and events as well.

3-Commercial services

We offer our business services in 5 categories:

*Technology Transfer (from Iran to Kenya)

*B2B Meetings (between Iran and Kenya)

*Business Delegations (between Iran and Kenya)

*product supply

*Solve technological needs In next news update, we will explain more about our mission and facilities.

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