What are the different types of office spaces?

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The variety of office space and workspaces has increased over time and you have many choices according to your needs. In this article, we are going to examine the variety of workspaces and their differences so that you can find the workspace you want with enough information. Consider the point that your business conditions, your habits, your personality, and other things affect choosing a work office.

Everyone should make the best choice according to their factors. because a private office with excellent facilities can be good for businesses, but it may not be a good option for other people.


How does a private office differ from Co-working space and meeting rooms?

Private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms are the most popular workspaces. Public spaces such as restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, etc. are not as attractive to work in as in the past.

There are also differences between private offices, shared workspaces, and meeting rooms, and each business should choose the best option according to its needs. In the meantime, we will first explain the private offices.

private offices: Perhaps for many businesses, private offices are the best option. Because you can act more independently in a dedicated space. You can deploy your team in one so that they are all available. You can design the office space according to your needs and reduce or add equipment.

Also, you can have higher concentration and productivity in your private offices. This is because you can keep the work environment calm and quiet.
Of course, there are different conditions in private offices. Such as the duration of the contract, which is usually long-term and you must be based there for at least 6 months. However, the private offices of some commercial centers allow you to sign a contract within a shorter period.

Coworking space: One of the most popular workspaces that have been welcomed by a large number of people in recent years is coworking space. Shared workspace has advantages and disadvantages, each of which is positive for one business and negative for another.

The usefulness of shared workspace depends on the type of your business. Most of the businesses that work in the shared workspace are startups and small and medium businesses.
Well-coworking space can increase your productivity and efficiency and even help your business grow. Because in a shared space there are many other businesses that you can network with and benefit from business opportunities.

Of course, your independence is less compared to private offices and you work in a predetermined structure.

private office

Meeting rooms: The most different workspace in terms of the rental period is the meeting room. You rent private offices monthly and annually, and the minimum acceptable time for renting shared workspace is daily rent. But in the meeting room, it is possible to rent even one hour.

The meeting room is a private space with facilities such as TV, and video. There is a projector, a whiteboard, and the Internet, which allows you to work with high concentration.
Usually, the most economical workspace is the meeting room if you need a dedicated space.

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In addition to access to the workspace, you will have access to facilities that are not available in other spaces.
In general, if we want to make a comparison between the three spaces of private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms in terms of the main factors, it is as follows:
Cost: coworking space is affordable for monthly workspace. It is a suitable option for holding meetings and accessing the exclusive space of the meeting room. But for long-term access to a dedicated space, a private office is a better option.
Productivity and efficiency: access to private offices where space management is at your disposal is the best space to work to have the highest productivity and efficiency.
Available facilities: The meeting room gives you the most required facilities at an affordable cost. In the shared and dedicated workspace, facilities are not available at any time and you may have to pay a separate fee to access them.
Rental period: In this sense, the meeting room is the best option. You can even rent it for an hour, but it can be rented at least daily for a shared and dedicated workspace.

affordable coworking space

Shared office space VS Private space?

There is no competition between shared and private workspaces. Both spaces can be the best working space, but it is different for every business. Considering factors such as:
• budget
• Number of team members
• Facilities available
• Location of the workspace
• Duration of the contract
Any of the above factors can change the conditions of your choice. For this reason, it is not possible to have one proposal for every business. For a new startup that is at the beginning of the path, the option of a private office can lead to its bankruptcy because it cannot pay the rent.

but for large businesses that require high concentration and numerous meetings, a dedicated office is a good option. So try to make the best decision by analyzing your business conditions.

office space

Daily pass office space

Daily rent of workspace is one of the popular options that are possible both in a shared workspace and private workspace. You have access to the workspace by paying a low fee and there is no need for a long-term contract. For many freelancers and students and startups that provide online services, the best option is to rent a daily workspace.
Of course, the number of days you want to rent should not be more than it is not economical. For example, it is not reasonable to rent 15 days a month daily. It is better to join the shared workspace every month to pay less and also have access to it for a longer period.

Hourly office space

The best choice for renting office space by the hour is the meeting room. It is affordable and you will also have access to more features. The meeting room with the dedicated space it offers you can improve your performance so that you can work with more concentration.
You can also easily extend your usage period and stay more hours in the meeting room and pay the excess after you finish.

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