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What is a meeting room? how to rent an affordable meeting room?

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These days, holding business meetings with colleagues, potential customers and managers have become one of the business components. One of the important factors to consider in this is to rent an affordable meeting room.

renting an affordable meeting room can have a huge impact on the results of the meeting. Some companies have meeting rooms at their workplace, but some companies do not have meeting rooms and have to go outside to work.

In this blog, we are going to explain the benefits of a meeting room and also examine the process of renting an affordable meeting room. So if you have a lot of meetings, this blog can help you.

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iHiT affordable meeting room

What is a meeting room?

According to Wikipedia, a meeting room is a space that enables you to hold meetings or events. An affordable meeting room should have efficient equipment such as a TV or a projector, a whiteboard, and good internet.

You can have your meetings in a private office, coffee shop, restaurant, and Coworking space, but the best option to increase the efficiency of the meeting is a meeting room.

The meeting room is specially designed to hold meetings, it should be noted that not every room with a table, chairs and TV or projector is a meeting room. In the next section, we will look at other important factors in a meeting room.

What should be in an affordable meeting room?

A good meeting room should include the following factors:

1- Air conditioning

Be sure to check the air conditioning in the meeting room. The lack of fresh air in the meeting room makes you sleepy.

2. Adequate light

Having a window and natural light is a very important factor. Dark rooms with low light make the meeting less productive.

3. Electricity

Some meeting rooms do not have electricity to charge laptops and cell phones. Make sure there is an extension in the meeting room.

4. Calm environment

You need to be silent to hold a meeting. A noisy and crowded environment only distracts you and reduces the efficiency of your meeting.


What are the benefits of a meeting room?

There are many benefits to having a meeting in a good meeting room. In this section, we will look at the benefits of a meeting room.

1. Private space

A sense of privacy should be present in the meeting room. You can not have a good meeting in a communal and busy space. So the private space of the meeting room will help you a lot.

2. Focus

A dedicated meeting space enhances your focus. You can speak more calmly and listen to others with concentration. Focusing is a big advantage that affects your work.

3. Impress the customer

In the initial encounter with your customers, impress them with the meeting room atmosphere. The professional atmosphere of the meeting room at first glance shows the importance of the meeting to your client.

4- Meeting room facilities

You need a high-quality screen when explaining a file. Equipment that helps you work better is a great advantage.

5. Services

When you rent an affordable meeting room, you have access to services that help you hold a meeting.


The first service required for a meeting room is high-speed internet access. Professional meeting rooms have high-speed Internet access and, in the event of an Internet outage, an alternative.


You can’t waste time looking for a place to park before your meeting. The availability of parking increases your comfort and this is an important advantage.

3. Scanning and printing

You need services such as printing and scanning your files. You can get these services without wasting time and at a lower cost.

4. Coffee shop and restaurant

You can order from coffee shops and restaurants to entertain your guests. You do not need to wait for the courier to order coffee or prepare food. Your order will reach you fresh and quality in the shortest time.

5. Productivity

Just as working in a shared workspace increases your productivity, meeting in a meeting room also increases the productivity of your meetings. Ultimately, the services you receive increase the productivity of your meetings.

The meeting room comes equipped with everything you need

As we explained, the meeting room is provided with all the facilities you need and helps you reduce costs. When you hire a meeting room, you feel comfortable that your meeting is going well. Of course, before renting an affordable meeting room, check all the factors we have described to meet the conditions, like meeting room Location.

What does iHiT affordable meeting room offer to you?

As an innovation center in Nairobi, iHiT has equipped a meeting room and a conference room for you. These rooms are provided with the following facilities:

The facilities within the packages:

  • Free internet
  • Parking is available
  • Whiteboard
  • TV & HDMI
  • Video projector

To book a meeting room & conference room you can contact us:

Mail: [email protected] Phone & WhatsApp: +254786746476

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