what is coworking space? everything you need to know about co-working spaces

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what is a co-working space?

as the name says, a co-working space is a collaborative space that freelancers and small startups share. instead of having their own office and excessive cost of it, they use these spaces and it’s lots of benefits.

The emergence of new technologies changed the way we work too, these days people work remotely, in their bedroom, in their home kitchen, traveling around the world whilst working, and also working in a coworking space instead of having their own.

in this article, you will learn more about coworking spaces and the best option for you to choose.

iHiT coworking space with garden view

the history of co-working space?

For a long time, the workspace options of a freelancer or startup were limited and he/she has no option for working but at his home. Most people starting a business or working for themselves had no option, but to work from home or in their local coffee shop( or from their parent’s garage home like Steve Jobs), which could prove isolating, distracting, unproductive, and finally shallow work.


The most important thing for a freelancer is to be in a great Atmosphere and network. The need for these types of things in the early 2000s leads to emerging of co-working spaces(or coworking) that were a solution to the plight of needs for freelancers.

An office once directed at freelancers and small startups now caters to everyone from one-person bands to international corporations and enterprises. being work at a co-working space and as a freelancer became a New job description.

iHiT affodable coworking space in Nairobi

what types of co-working spaces are Available?

  1. conventional/open office: Conventional or open office coworking space is what usually comes to mind when people think of coworking.
  2. Corporate/Professional: It will be more budget-friendly than a high-end space with a quiet atmosphere that is private and highly professional with dimmer lighting and less energy than other types of spaces.
  3. Private Workspaces: This category of flexible space is oriented to companies and teams who are concerned that being in the same space as other companies have more negatives than positives.
  4. Meeting Space: As companies and freelancers, you can choose to rent meeting space rather than sign an agreement for the office space they come to every day. Many coworking spaces offer hourly, daily or even weekly use for client meetings, collaboration sessions, planning meetings, and more.

Advantages of co-working spaces

The continued rise of coworking spaces in cities all across the world is driven by a bunch of different factors like economic factors. Nairobi coworking spaces also followed the world trend and today we see lots of coworking in the city. Meanwhile, iHiT coworking space provides the best services for an excellent space at affordable prices.


coworking space, like everything else in human life, has its benefits and disadvantages. for example, we list a bunch of these places advantages for freelancers and startups:

  • pay-as-you-go terms: with coworking spaces, you don’t require to commit to a long-term contract for an office, which can help keep things affordable for young companies just starting. as we at iHiT provide you with day-to-day affordable pay.
  • sense of community: you can imagine if you work at home or coffee shop alone without any sense of teamwork or belonging to a greater group. you could add to this condition the challenges of newborn startups. it would be frustrating. A coworking space connects you with a group of like-minded professionals. It creates a sense of belonging to a greater group.
  • Lower costs: the greatest benefit of a coworking space can be its cost-efficiency of it. you share lots of your costs with others an is a win-win situation for you and others in the coworking space. Sharing things like office facilities, reception services, and internet with employees from other companies, businesses, and freelancers on a tight budget can avoid service charges and cut out many of the costs that long-term leases have.
  • More productivity: in the Bestseller book, Atomic Habits, James Clear said that: if you want to boost your good habits, join a group that has those habits as a group identity. coworking spaces are like that group we want to join to boost our productivity, they had productivity in their gene. Sharing a coworking space with a bunch of driven and focused coworkers is a good way to enhance your productivity.
iHiT Kenya Affordable coworkong space in Kimilani

Tips on finding the best co-working space for your job


Whether you’re a freelancer with a laptop or CEO of your startup, the most important factor of a good coworking space is its demographic location and access to urban facilities. The best coworking space might not be the one closest to you, but it should be convenient to reach by car, bike, or public transportation.


They might seem like a nice bonus, but top-level amenities can truly elevate a coworking space into something special. coffee shop, internet, green space, restaurant, and printing facilities could be an advantage of coworking spaces. Having outdoor spaces and conference rooms in one place, iHiT could provide you with a better coworking experience.


if you have a startup and you need a coworking space, Ensure the coworking space you choose offers a flexible, short-term office lease to give your business the elbow room it needs to navigate the unexpected and to easily scale up to suit your changing priorities as the company expands.

cost and budget

coworking spaces can be a cheap option for businesses looking to move or expand because of the cost of furniture, unexpected charges like repairs, and amenities covered by coworking spaces. Your budget will ultimately determine which coworking spaces are affordable for you and your team, but always have a clear path for you probable expand and choose your coworking space about that.


iHiT The best Affordable prices in Nairobi

iHiT coworking spaces are the most affordable in the city. Whether you’re a freelancer in need of a coworking space or a business searching for the perfect flexible office solution, iHiT provides beautifully designed, affordable workspaces that can be configured to meet the changing needs of your team. contact us now.

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