difference between conference room and meeting room

What is the difference between conference room and meeting room? 7 important difference.

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Difference between the conference room and the meeting room? We at iHiT Kenya as a provider of affordable meeting rooms asked many repetitive questions. people tend to ask us questions about meeting rooms. One of the most common questions we receive is this: “is there a difference between a conference room and a meeting room?” in this article we will answer this question in detail.


A meeting and a conference are very similar in definition; they are both events where people meet up together to discuss a specific subject. There are no absolute rules about what a meeting is and what a conference is but the main difference between the two will be the number of people attending.

to know the difference between a conference room and a meeting room, first, we should know the definition of “meeting” and “conference”.

What is a Meeting

we want to look at a meeting definition, according to Wikipedia a meeting is: Meeting is when two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics, often in a formal or business setting.

What is a Conference

A Conference is a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.

So a conference is a type of meeting that has differences that we will mention below.

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What is difference between conference room and meeting room?

  1. Conferences are also usually more formal while meetings can be informal, so you should consider this before any event you want to attend. When planning either a meeting or conference, to get the most out of your event you should hold it in an external meeting venue.
  2. a meeting room might just be a simple room for a quick meeting. A conference room might be more sophisticated with video conferencing equipment or dedicated presentation facilities.
  3. conferences belong in conference rooms. Meetings you can potentially have anywhere. conference from Latin “confer” (bring together)
  4. A conference (bringing together) implies more effort. Usually, a conference also takes longer than a (relatively quick) meeting.
  5. You can have a meeting in a conference room, as you can meet in any other room say the kitchen. having a conference in a meeting room might not make sense, since the meeting room might be too small and lack the proper equipment. Speaker facilities, video conferencing facilities.
  6. Conference rooms are meant for formal or large meetings. Due to their size and seating possibilities, conference rooms are often used for lectures with one person leading the meeting and speaking to the rest of the group.
  7. conference rooms are focused normally on one subject in a conference, while meetings could be about everything. The best type of conference room meeting is focused on education, training, or presentations.

To get the most out of your event you should hold it in an external meeting venue. Why?

For a meeting, your initial instinct may be to hold it in-house; you may think it is normal to meet at your workplace. But are you wondering why it’s useful to meet somewhere new?

Imagine you organize a meeting with some of your colleagues. You aim to come up with a creative, new direction to approach a project and to think of an innovative direction to move a project forward. These two goals are only achievable if the entire group meeting can be creative.

An Excellent, affordable meeting room can inspire different ways of thinking and allow you to find a solution you may not have considered. Especially at a unique, exciting event venue.

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