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Why iHiT is a comprehensive solution for your business or your work?

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iHiT CEO: “In today’s modern world, change is the only constant. In the business world, these changes are faster and if you don’t keep up with these changes, soon your business will join the history of businesses.”

Work office, suitable and modern space, essential workspace, meeting space, equipment needed by employees, and many other issues are small concerns of companies. But these small problems can stop small businesses and startups from growing.

what is ihit? what do we do? see in this video

Although the modern world has brought us challenges, it has also innovated reasonable solutions. iHiT-expo is an example of one of these solutions


Iran House of Innovation and Technology OR iHiT is a comprehensive solution for innovation in Kenya. We provide innovative services to new companies, startups, freelancers, and people with big ideas. We act as facilitators for entrepreneurs and people who have good ideas

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iHiT Kenya

iHiT creates a suitable platform for Kenyan innovative idea owners, programmers, knowledge-based companies, startups, and creative industries, to benefit from the technologies acquired from Iranian companies over the years.

iHiT also provides business owners and entrepreneurs with the space and facilities needed for a workplace.

what are iHiT services for businesses?

  1. private offices & coworking space

A place to work is the first concern of freelancers, startups, and small companies. For entrepreneurs, students, researchers, startups, and domestic and international businesses, iHiT provides private offices for 3 to 15 people and coworking space.

 iHiT shared workspace includes both indoor and outdoor spaces, they can be accessed in various ways which include,

  • the day pass (you pay a certain amount to access the space for a day),
  • the blue membership package (this is a membership for a team of up to 4 people or more depending on the preferences of the client, we customize a favorable price for that)
  • the green membership (suitable for customers that work alone or as freelancers, they get shared space)
  • Meeting room and event space

Every business needs a well-equipped meeting room for its meetings or special equipment to hold its conference.  Startups and small businesses usually cannot have large conference rooms and meeting spaces, that’s s not affordable for them.

 iHiT has prepared a meeting space for 2 to 6 people in the meeting room and 7 to 50 people in the conference room. Every business needs a quiet and formal space to hold its meetings, courses, workshops, and events as well.

event space

Why we should consider iHiT business services?

If you’ve launched a startup, or are a freelancer, you need to be able to manage your expenses.

iHiT business services with the competitive feature of the lowest price in the market, help you to grow your business more easily.

In addition to competitive prices, iHiT has created a good space for networking between busy businesses in the shared space. In addition, you have easy access to Iranian companies and their innovations. You can easily attract capital for your startup.

Are you a freelancer and need a shared space to work?

You have a small business and you want to manage your team in the right environment.

Do you want to organize an event for your fans or do you need a well-equipped and advanced conference room?

iHiT is a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

In another word, iHiT is a comprehensive solution for your business needs to make your business profitable

ihit Nairobi

How to contact iHiT

So, if you are thinking of growing your business in a great environment with low costs, contact iHiT Now.

You can contact iHiT and use their services through iHiT.co.ke or Instagram page. iHiT service is listed below:

  • Rent an affordable coworking space in Nairobi
  • Rent affordable meeting and conference room Hourly and Daily in Nairobi.
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